Kovair-LDRA Multi-tool Integration Scenario

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In this video, you will learn how Kovair Omnibus facilitates bi-directional integration between LDRA Testbed and Kovair ALM and in the process connects other best-of-breed tools in the ecosystem. It includes a demo integration flow between DOORS, RTRT, ClearCase, LDRA and JIRA powered by Kovair ALM and Omnibus Integration Platform.

 Video Summary

The integration of LDRA Testbed with Kovair Omnibus platform fuels the development of Safety Critical Software and maximizes the value of LDRA tool investment. Together with Kovair Application and Omnibus integration technology, LDRA provides a Continuous Integration (CI) platform to its users that automates and manages the build process for large-scale, system-level software projects.

When integrated, organizations can enforce LDRA compliance test as a mandatory step for their global development teams and ensure that non-compliance related coding errors are identified and resolved at early stage before code check-in happens.

To learn more about the integration please visit Kovair-LDRA Integration page and download the datasheet.