Kovair DevOps – an enterprise solution

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Kovair DevOps is an enterprise solution simplifying and automating execution and monitoring real time metrics. This is achieved with seamless integration of the best of the breed tools in development, build, test and deployment cycles to enable a one click execution.

In this short video, you will see Integrate DevOps methodology with ALM tools – from requirement or agile development to production deployment. Achieve Management visibility with total metrics and drill-down analytics at the same time One click solution – easy to use, smart, fast and automated pipeline.



In this short video, our solutions team engineer demonstrates how the Kovair DevOps solution centrally orchestrates different tools – ServiceNow, Rally, SVN, Jenkins, Chef, and Selenium for automatic defect resolution process resulting in faster HelpDesk response. Watch how real time dashboard reports, performance metrics, KPIs, and drill-down analytics provide meaningful insight for quick and intelligent decision making.




  1. Customer raises an alert for Change Request/ Defect.
  2. Helpdesk team adds this as an Incident in ServiceNow.
  3. Kovair Omnibus Engine has the entire tool chain integrated and ready to handle the fix.
  4. Incident is replicated and automatically added as Defect in Rally.
  5. Developer finds this defect and troubleshoot for bug fix in Eclipse.
  6. Modified Code is checked into Source Code Management repository tool, SVN after associating with Task.
  7. Changeset, Codefiles & related links added in Kovair Central Repository
  8. Jenkins Pipeline is automatically executed.
  9. The build gets automatically triggered in Jenkins.
  10. Automatic infrastructure provisioning and deployment using Chef through Jenkins Job.
  11. Automated Selenium Test Scripts are executed through Jenkins Job.
  12. So the entire DevOps cycle is executed and achieved with help of Kovair DevOps solution.
  13. Kovair DevOps Dashboard displays drill-down analytics report tracking defect counts, fix, criticality, test execution results and other metrics.