Kovair ALM – Views and Filters

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In this video you will learn how to create, edit, delete a View and Filter in Kovair Application. To give your feedback or to ask questions, leave a comment below.

Video Summary

Managing Views:

In Kovair, you can create three types of views – Normal, Document, and Traceability. The Normal view displays information in a regular list format. The Document view displays information in a Word document format. In Traceability view, information is displayed in nested form. You can view the traceability relation defined between the current entity record and the other entity record till five levels.

Managing Filters:

Kovair retrieves records based on the system-defined default filter. However, authorized Kovair users with appropriate access rights can create user-defined filters for displaying relevant records in entity list, task list and user list pages. When creating a filter, you can use entity fields, multi-level relation fields and individual columns of grid fields to set the filter criteria. Also, you can use parameter fields in a filter so that the filter fetches the items based on the value specified by the user at runtime.