Complete Visibility for Tracing Requirements

Connect the world of software delivery with Kovair Omnibus. It has a central framework that makes connected artifacts of multiple integrated tools easily visible. As a result, managing the relationship between these connected artifacts becomes extremely easy, compared to Point-to-Point Integration where the central framework is absent and only two tools can be connected one at a time. For example, a defect from JIRA tool can be easily traced back to its corresponding requirement in HP ALM tool or CA Clarity tool.

The explanation has been given with the help of a use case scenario involving tools like IBM Rational Doors NextGen (RDNG), Eclipse, BitBucket, HP ALM and Jira to demonstrate how artifacts namely Requirements, Changesets, Code Files, Test Cases and Defects are flowed from one tool to another using Kovair Omnibus. Kovair Omnibus is an Enterprise-Based Service Bus that allows users to integrate 90+ off-the-shelf ALM tools thus forming an integrated development environment. These can be COTs, Inhouse or open-source tools. Click the video to learn more about Requirements Implementation Traceability with Kovair Omnibus.