Built-In Requirement Review Model of Kovair 7.5

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In this video you will learn how Kovair Requirements Management allows stakeholders to participate in a real-time collaborative review on anytime, anywhere basis.Using this collaborative review functionality, users can get their queries clarified, record their decisions and approve or reject the requirements.

 Video Summary

Kovair 7.5 offers a simple and built-in Requirements Review model which enables collaborative review of business requirement, functional requirement as well as any word document (eg: Testing document) within Kovair Application. Multiple reviewers can approve, flag in, comment, vote as well as subscribe or unsubscribe to a Requirement. Reviewers can also highlight a specific part of a document to leave a comment on.

This built-in collaborative review process helps moderator to gather feedback on the priority, importance and implementation effort that is required to work on the requirement. Click here to learn more about Collaborative Review functionality of Kovair.