Introduction to Kovair QuickSync for Data Migration

Data Migration and its Challenges

Data migration is the process of transferring data from a source application to a target application, The migration could be onetime over a period of time or could be followed by synchronization.
A data migration project can be a challenge because the organization must maintain data integrity, migration duration of the project and various other factors so there is minimal impact to the business. Moreover, projects have to keep an eye on costs of such migrations. Any impediments that occur during the migration will affect the business, so a good data migration plan is a key to ensuring minimal disruption and downtime to the active business processes.

Kovair QuickSync Caters to Your Tools Data Migration Needs

Kovair QuickSync offers a comprehensive solution for the successful migration of structured data from a source to a target tool. It is designed with features that are truly required for any large or very large-scale enterprise-level migration (where migration can be executed across multiple windows stations with a single monitoring interface), ensuring zero data loss and data disparity.

License Model for QuickSync

Kovair brings significant domain experience in Tools data migration through its QuickSync product. Kovair does not offer any License of the QuickSync to any customer. However, Kovair offers a one-stop turnkey solution for all migration endeavours. It is a one-stop, cost-effective, wide-range data migration solution for any enterprise across the industry and is offered as a turnkey solution with the Kovair Team performing the migration tasks in partnership with the end customer and does not require them to purchase or learn any new Tool. In so doing, it makes the customer’s job easy by just having to provide the necessary migration inputs and mapping of migrations and Kovair takes on the entire tasks of data mapping for each project, project configurations for each project, ensuring all migration entities are accounted for and works on the migration over the few days or weeks in collaboration with the end customer and provides verifiable end results. The costs are based on the QuickSync tool pair required, the number of projects to be configured for the migrations, the number of records, attachments, steps and other details for the volume of data to be migrated and time and overheads involved in managing and verifying the process and the data and costs for the customer based on these details.
This means, that unless Kovair is provided with a full response to a questionnaire for such details of the migration, Kovair cannot and will not be able to provide with an approximate cost for such a project. So, Sales personnel that are dealing as third-party agents for migration projects, will not be provided any costs until they are able to provide Kovair Sales and Solutions Teams with project data details. We may offer different methods of doing business in the future, but this is the current method, and all parties need to fully understand that there is no “quick quotation” for any migration project.

Highlights of Kovair QuickSync

Kovair QuickSync is a migration platform from Kovair which works between pair of tools. However, the platform has key features which makes the QuickSync stand out from the other tools.
  • Migration Support for Rich Data-Migration of rich text data like system and custom attributes, comments, and attachments
  • Maintain Traceability –Support transferring of Links and marinating their interrelationship
  • Historical Data – can migrate all the history of changes in a readable matrix column
  • Automated Data Validation Using Data Checker – QuickSync produces an HTML report that will help the users analyse any data discrepancies across migrated data.
  • Batch Migration: The Tool can be configured to run from simultaneous windows stations to perform large to very large-scale migrations in a shorter period of time.
  • Kovair has a good track record of performing migrations for large telecom and banking and other clients for volumes that exceed 3 million records.

Migration Phases

The following diagram shows an eight Phase migration process followed by Kovair.


Migration Phases


Primary Questions

Following are some of the primary questions from Kovair to determine the project Volume and cost
  • Tools that will be involved in the Migration. Source and Target tool Versions
  • Volume of data that needs to be migrated
  • Volume of Projects in Source tool
  • What kind of timeline the customer is expecting to start and complete the project?
  • Since Migration will be on a turn-key basis, Kovair personnel will be executing the project from Kovair premises-thus will the customer allow VPN/ Web Session for migration, or will it be a physical presence at customer premises? This requirement adds a significant cost of manpower to be deployed at a customer site. So, Kovair recommends the former.