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Cut Development Cost with Process Automation and Tools Integration

How to Cut Development Costs with Process Automation & Tools Integration

For most companies, there is a wealth of untapped opportunities to cut costs from their development projects which do not get focused on when the times are good! However, when the economic climate turns the way it has recently, all avenues have to be examined to cut costs and improve efficiencies. When development groups are […]

Agile Development with Kovair Task Board

Improving Agility of Development with Kovair’s Task Board

 The Task Board in Kovair Agile ALM solution is configured according to the needs of an Agile team member. The tasks are graphically represented in the Task Board according to the status of the task. The Task Board displays the users to whom the tasks are assigned. Another feature of the Task Board in Kovair […]

Kovair ALM Studio 7.0 Release Note Document

Kovair Release 7.0

 This document contains the release notes for Kovair 7.0 Release, and aims to introduce you to the significant enhancements and make you aware about the difference between Kovair 7.0 and Kovair 6.5 (previous release of Kovair). Users of previous releases are encouraged to evaluate and upgrade to the new release for a better Kovair experience. […]

Kovair Traceability Matrix Document

What is Traceability Matrix

A Traceability Matrix is a table that helps you trace project related artifacts, both forward and backward. Project related artifacts include requirements, designs, test cases, test steps, defects, and so on. Using a Traceability Matrix, you can trace one of these artifacts to all other linked artifacts. Download Document More downloads × Download PDF version […]

Kovair Deployment for Different Customers

Deploying Kovair in Different Customer Scenarios

Kovair customers find themselves in different phases of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) tools adoption. Each phase has its own set of challenges. With the help of a few customer scenarios, this paper illustrates how customers can meet their challenges using Kovair in the domains of ALM, ITSM, and Tools Integrations. […]

Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform product literature

Kovair Omnibus Integrations – Why Are We Better

Kovair Omnibus offers a unique capability to use both the synchronization model and the link based model of integration. This choice is available for the users of the new generation of IBM Jazz tools – Rational Requirements Composer (RRC), Rational Team Composer (RTC) and Rational Quality Manager (RQM). Along with synchronization of artifacts across tools, […]

Kovair Reports and Dashboards Document

Differences between Reports and Dashboards in Kovair

It is an absolute necessity for any ALM tool, to be able to gather information from the different work areas of a particular project. However, gathering information is only half the job. An ALM tool must also be able to effectively present the gathered information, in an efficient and simple manner. The different kinds of […]

Scalability and Performance in Kovair Omnibus Document

Scalability and Performance in Kovair Omnibus

 Kovair Omnibus is often adopted in an organization in an incremental fashion. The deployment starts with a few projects and based on their success the solution is pushed for adoption to other project teams. As the number of tools integrated through Omnibus increase at a rate higher than expected, the initial planned hardware infrastructure proves to […]

Importing Requirements from MS Word Document

Importing Requirements from MS Word

In the absence of a proper Requirements Management Tool, most of the organizations use MS Word to manage Requirements. Eventually, as they deploy a standard Requirements Management tool, importing all the records from MS Word to the new tool becomes a challenge. Kovair allows simple solutions to this problem; there are two ways to go […]

DefiningTraceability Relationship in Kovair Document

Defining Traceability Relationships for Specific Needs

Changes are inevitable in any sort of development effort regardless of industry. Poorly managed changes can create mammoth impacts on even the most talented development teams. When change is properly managed teams can assess the impact of the change, track the full history, and maintain synchronization among globally distributed teams and disparate tools thus improving […]

HP QC and IBM RTC Integration with Kovair Omnibus Document

HP QC and IBM RTC Integration with Kovair Omnibus

Undoubtedly, HP QC and IBM RTC are two widely used tools in software industry. HP QC provides a platform for Requirements, Test, and Defect Management in a single repository. It is used by Business Analyst, Developers, and Testers to log Requirements, manage Requirements, log Defects and Test cases and verify them. And IBM RTC can […]

Types of Searches in Kovair Document

Types of Searches Supported in Kovair

With the kind of competition that exists in the market, it is quite understandable that an ALM tool is rated according to the varying features it can provide. An ALM tool is expected to cover all corners in the lifecycle of a project and for doing that, the tool needs to host a vast range […]

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