Kovair Project and Portfolio Management: An Overview

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Kovair PPM-An OverviewKovair PPM is a one-stop solution to manage budget, schedule, resources, and actuals through a unified platform. It delivers greater value by connecting planning to execution. Portfolio and Program Managers can use Kovair PPM to optimize their project portfolios, balance the capacity against the different project demands, and link plans and resources to the actual project execution.

Kovair PPM allows to optimize your project portfolios, furnish demands with available capacity, define plans and allocate resources for project execution. It provides you with real-time data and increased visibility to help you make correct investment decisions. It helps you streamline, standardize, execute and manage the entire business at product, project, program, and portfolio levels. Organizations using Kovair PPM are better equipped with managing multiple portfolios, resources, staffing, budget and overall business goals.

Kovair PPM enables the mapping of initiatives to portfolio to projects to the final outcomes. It allows to define strategic initiatives, decide and approve the relevant projects for execution, provide deeper insights into projects and programs through EVMs, providing valuable inputs, enabling the management in making data-oriented decisions.

Kovair’s unified and comprehensive PPM helps you analyze and prioritize market and customer requirements that you need to deliver quality products on time and on budget.