PLM-ALM Center of Excellence

PLM-ALM Center of Excellence-CoE

PLM-ALM Center of Excellence
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Enhance Collaboration Capability & Accelerate Smart Connected Product Development Integrated PLM-ALM Platform Empowering Digital Transformation Across Product Lifecycle

PLM-ALM Solutions CoE highlights

  • Kovair, a silicon-valley global technology & solutions organization, is uniquely positioned to address ModelBased Systems Engineering adoption required for today’s smart connected product development
  • Kovair is a partner to some of the leading PLM technology companies such as PTC, Siemens & Aras focusing on providing end-to-end PLM-ALM Integration Solutions & Implementation Services
  • Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform, has more than 110+ bi-directional integration adapters connecting many enterprise applications across product lifecycle including PLM, ALM, PPM, & ERP systems
  • Kovair is also uniquely positioned to address multi-site, multi-user, multi-CAD, multi-PLM/PDM scenarios through its integration platform and provide professional PLM services with its well experienced consultants
  • Kovair’s PLM consultants have more than 50+ years of collective experience covering the spectrum of PLM services including Assessment Consulting, Greenfield & Brownfield Implementations
  • Kovair QuickSync provides turnkey error-free migration solutions to several global customers
  • Kovair’s PLM consultants are also experienced in doing both custom and OOTB upgrades
  • Kovair provides well-structured ALM-PLM Training & Support Services

Solution & Services Offerings – Kovair’s ALM-PLM CoE

Kovair has partnered with some of the leading PLM providers like PTC, Siemens, ARAS to provide a suite of PLM services to the discrete manufacturing companies including :

  • Assessment Consulting
  • Green & Brown Field Implementations
  • Turn-key Integrations with a host of enterprise applications
  • System Upgrades
  • Legacy Data Migrations
  • Custom Application Development
  • Training & Support Services


Kovair PLM-ALM Center of Excellence – CoE

Connected PLM-ALM Platform for Concurrent Product Development


Key Aspects of Kovair PLM-ALM CoEKovair PLM-ALM CoE – Key Value Proposition
  • Kovair CoE is based on the concept of “Specialization leads to -> Expert Competency leads to -> Excellence” if synergistically applied
  • It fosters specialized competency, where each of the elements and tools across the Smart Connected Product Development Cycle have a critical role to play.
  • Each of the tools in the chain is considered the best of the breed in their respective domains and is well equipped for managing complexity in specific areas.
  • It aims to combine the best of PLM and ALM; and other participating enterprise solutions like ERP to provide a synergistic, integrated, and connected environment.
  • Kovair’s PLM Services leverage the strength of each of these best-of-the-breed tools in a synchronized manner across the connected product lifecycle to achieve the end goal of collaboration by implementing the most optimized solution by deploying the most professional resources
  • Cross tools traceability enabling the visibility from requirements to release across multi-functional heterogeneous enterprise tools
  • Efficient handling of integrations complexity that improves the engineering productivity for software and product lifecycle
  • Management of multidisciplinary data through integrations and synchronizations offering software engineering data and heterogeneous BOM management capabilities
  • Efficient process management through enterprise class workflow engine for closed loop systems like change, configuration, release management, to reduce complexity, when multiple specialized tools are involved in a product development
  • Searchability of cross tools in a multi-disciplinary data environment that reduces non-value-added activities like finding the appropriate part or product or software-related data while looking for a
    reference design or for BOM comparisons.

Reference Case Studies

Kovair’s well experienced PLM consultants have executed many successful projects for global customers in many PLM service streams.

Process Assessment Consulting


Process Assessment Consulting


PLM-ALM Integrations

Kovair through its flagship product Omnibus (an ESB-based integration middleware platform) has built robust integration capabilities for some of the industry’s leading PLM platforms like PTC Windchill, Siemens Team Center and Aras Innovator with other tools to follow. Through bi-directional seamless integration capability, many of the popular ALM tools like IBM Rational Family, Microfocus ALM, Microsoft ALM Product Suite, JIRA, JAMA, CA Rally, Polarion and GitHub can be connected to leading PLM platforms.


PLM-ALM Integrations

For a global leader in consumer products, Kovair had provided its ALM-PLM integration solution connecting its IBM suite of products in the ALM space and PTC’s Windchill PLM, some of the customer benefits are:

  • Bi-Directional synchronization of Requirement residing in RDNG with Rhapsody & Windchill
  • Traceability between Requirements of RDNG, Design Artifacts of Rhapsody & Change Request of PTC


Smart Connected Product Development Environment


Smart Connected Product Development – Key Drivers

  • Today’s manufacturers are struggling with their current systems and processes to address key business objectives like delivery of high-quality products on time at a reasonable cost as these triple constraints tend to be mutually exclusive.
  • Though “Design Anywhere”, “Make Anywhere” is a vision every product development company wishes to achieve, many execution challenges like collaboration complexity to effectively coordinate with globally
    distributed teams like engineering, manufacturing and suppliers.
  • To achieve a competitive advantage, being innovative and still highly productive is very important. Complexity increases with changing environments like quality, risk and regulatory compliance needs which demand a product development environment to be effective in real-time communication.
  • To add fuel to the fire, today’s products are Smart & Connected with their Bill of Materials have components with a heterogeneous mix of Software, Electronics, Electrical, and Mechanical Hardware. Their data is
    generated from multiple MCAD, ECAD tools and managed in different disconnected data management systems many a time.
  • Adding to the complexity, new company acquisitions and mergers could bring a new set of tools & different data formats which prompts decision making from an enterprise IT systems standpoint to a centralized platform which can easily integrate and connect with newer systems as this enables synchronous communication and collaboration; very important for an effective smart connected product development process.
CollaborationDifficulty in communicating across departments for execution of systems engineering processDue to silos of distributed data among different engineering disciplines
Data ManagementInability to maintain updated versions of data across the smart connected
product development
Lack of data synchronization across
enterprise tools
Data Visualization / Decision MakingNo easy way to compare BOM/Design data iterations across different disciplines Mechanical, Software, etc.Software BOM might be in ALMs, Hardware is distributed in PLMs, PDMs, Electrical & Electronics data
might be in local folders
Program/Project ManagementTracking the project progress status on who is working on which deliverable across domains is a major issueLack of dynamic project progress data availability at one place
Data GovernanceInability to exercise streamlined access control with multiple stakeholders involved across various functions throughout the SCP product developmentUser synchronization and role mapping across different tools could be a challenge
TraceabilityTracking defect failure across the product lifecycle from Requirement to Release and to conduct root cause analysis for troubleshooting could be a nightmareSW, HW data, processes are distributed. Failure could be caused by either individually or both together. Lack of unified data visualization makes it difficult to identify the root cause

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