Kovair OmnibusX – The One-Stop Solution for All Tool Integration and Migration Needs

Future-Proof Your Data

An organization’s success hinges on the ability to access and share information seamlessly across various data points, whether interacting with internal applications or collaborating with external partners and customers. Currently, manual data entry and information scavenger hunts are common, causing inefficiencies and delays. Frequent meetings and email exchanges further slow down processes, hindering project progress.

To overcome these challenges, a holistic system is needed that can seamlessly collate and integrate these disconnected data points, eliminating bottlenecks. Our solution ensures that the tools used by Business Analysts automatically transfer information to the tools Developers use for coding and Testers use for testing. This interconnected ecosystem allows everyone involved to continue using their preferred tools while staying informed and in sync.

Introducing Kovair OmnibusX

Kovair Omnibusx product logo The Kovair OmnibusX platform revolutionizes connectivity by seamlessly integrating a wide range of software and business applications through its advanced data synchronization capabilities. By creating a secure bridge between disparate third-party tools, Kovair OmnibusX eliminates the inefficiencies caused by disjointed processes and incomplete data.

Organizations often face significant losses due to ineffective procedures and a lack of coordination between departments and their respective tools or applications. With Kovair OmnibusX, you can now effortlessly connect supported tools, transfer datasets (including data relationships, comments, and attachments), generate comprehensive reports, and enhance business agility. This leads to improved collaboration and operational efficiency across your entire organization.

Easy to configure

  • Flexible Deployment: Deploy Kovair OmnibusX as a cloud-based application or a secure on-premises solution to suit your organization’s needs.
  • Quick Start: Begin a new integration or migration in just 5 simple steps, streamlining your setup process.
  • Automated Dataflows: Kovair OmnibusX automatically generates multiple dataflows and allows you to define rules to trigger these system-created dataflows, ensuring seamless data integration.

Optimize collaboration

  • Real-Time Tracking: Easily monitor the progress of your data synchronizations with comprehensive OmnibusX reports.
  • Informed Decisions: Make better decisions with vivid visualizations that provide valuable insights and actionable information.
  • Seamless Team Integration: Enhance team collaboration by connecting disparate tools, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working efficiently together.

Increase efficiency

  • Field Auto-Mapping: Save time and effort with OmnibusX’s ability to auto-map fields with the same name and type, reducing manual work.
  • Data Transformation: Transform the data from your source tools for enhanced usability and management, optimizing your data workflow.
  • Error Mitigation: Mitigate error rates with reflow runs for any data syncing failures, ensuring smooth execution of integration or migration projects.

Configure Synchronization in 5 Easy Steps

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Configure Synchronization in 5 Easy Steps

Key Values of Kovair OmnibusX

Regardless of your technological capabilities, you can connect OmnibusX supported applications and tools that you are working on, and you can easily manage all your dataflows with the help of this single, empowered, and reliable platform.

The following points are some of the key values of the OmnibusX platform:

Connect Supported Tools Execute Lightning-Fast Setup Increase Business Agility
  • Codeless Configuration: Perform simple, codeless configurations to connect your teams, applications, and data.
  • Quick Synchronization: Use point-and-click functionality for fast synchronization.
  • State-Wise Transfers: Support “As-Is” state-wise cross-entity data relationships.
  • Quick Configuration: Configure integrations or migrations in a few quick steps.
  • Fast Implementation: Clone or export configurations with a “Build once, Deploy anywhere” model.
  • Efficient Syncing: Filter API calls to reduce record fetching, resulting in faster syncing.
  • Service Flows: Increase agility with automatic and customizable service flows.
  • Dynamic Iterations: Execute dynamic dataflow iterations based on preset conditions or data-driven decisions.
  • Selective Fetching: Selectively fetch data to meet evolving business needs.

Transfer Comments & Attachments Use In-built Reports Achieve Better Collaboration
  • User Comments: Support the transfer of user comments and attachments across tools.
  • Custom Parameters: Define custom parameters for attachment and comment syncing, such as size or character limits.
  • Reporting Facilities: Track synchronization successes and failures with OmnibusX reports.
  • Informed Decisions: Utilize report filters to understand data integration and make informed decisions.
  • Cross-Tool Integration: Connect disparate tools to enhance team collaboration.
  • Increased Satisfaction: Improve client satisfaction by facilitating better communication and teamwork.

Resolving the Synchronization Problem

In product development, wealth management, or service delivery, teams handle project onboarding, requirement analysis, coding, quality assurance, and support. Typically, these IT teams work with over a dozen tools daily.

  • Despite this, less than one-third of these on-premises or cloud enterprise tools are fully integrated. Most IT organizations struggle with integration backlogs, which is a daunting challenge.
  • Achieving a single source of truth is tough as data resides in disconnected applications. Tool synchronization solutions often fail two-thirds of the time. Kovair OmnibusX aims to change that and maximize your investment returns.

Kovair OmnibusX is a scalable integration and migration platform for seamless data synchronization. It extends connectivity across supported applications, ensuring accelerated legacy data migrations.

OmnibusX creates customizable workflows that improve integration or migration processes. All communications are securely transmitted to safeguard your data. The unique “sync back” feature ensures you receive acknowledgment after your data is synchronized.