Digital Transformation with Kovair VSMP

Make your Digital Transformation Successful with Kovair Value Stream Management Platform

Make your Digital Transformation Successful
  • One of Gartner designated Value Stream Management platforms
  • Catering to your multiple needs to ensure successful Digital transformation journey
  • Seamless adoption of new tools with complete data migration of legacy tools using Kovair QuickSync
  • Faster delivery and deployment with complete security using Kovair DevOps
  • Integrate with 110 commercial tools of PLM, ERP, CRM, ITSM, ALM and PPM domains using Kovair Omnibus — an SOA-based proprietary Enterprise Service Bus – Gartner Cool Vendor receipient
  • Achieve process automation with policy engines for routing, reviews, and approvals using task-based workflow of Kovair ALM
  • Stay updated with mail-based notifications at every actionable stage to eliminate manual handoffs
  • Gain complete visibility to ensure delivery of proper value across multiple projects/releases spread across multiple business units through Kovair PPM
  • Multiple reporting options: Dashboards, Word, Excel and Crystal Reports, End-to-End Traceability and Real-Time Reporting across projects and portfolio items for total control on the release quality and timeline.

Kovair Value Stream Management Platform

Kovair Value Stream Management Platform

Key Elements of Digital Transformation

Today is the age of software where technology is no longer a choice but a fundamental business strategy that must be interwoven with wider business initiatives to not only survive but thrive. Collaboration between enterprises, modern ways of engaging with the customer-base, more innovation within the workforce itself, and the ability to draw valuable insights from captured data, are just several of the key benefits helping businesses grow today. Though these changes are raising the concern of disturbing the established business, today CIOs are more concerned about missing the unprecedented opportunities that these changes are creating. For this, almost every organization is adopting the journey of Digital Transformation. Some key elements to make this journey successful are:
  • Adoption of new modern tools with advanced capabilities
  • Digitization of the working processes with process collaboration across tools
  • Make better decisions, faster by having complete visibility across the delivery chain
  • Increased pace of delivery through maximum possible automation across the delivery process maintaining data security.
  • Seamless collaboration between business and delivery teams.

Seamless adoption of new modern tools with Kovair QuickSync

For making the journey of digital transformation successful, changing of legacy tools to modern tools with advanced features and functionalities is inevitable. This initiative often gets stuck due to challenges of migrating the data from legacy tool to the new modern tool. Kovair QuickSync enables organizations to do such data migration in a seamless manner. Some of the major capabilities of QuickSync are:
  • Single-point console for both data synchronization and migration.
  • Kovair’ s proven experience after migrating more than 7 million records over multiple clients with <.01% error.
  • Migration support for records, attachments, comments, and rich text data.
  • Support for transformation and overriding of data.
  • Automated data validation using Data Checker.
  • Negligible system downtime during migration.
  • Document generation in various formats including MS Word.
  • Generation of custom template-based PRD / MRD / SRS documents.
  • Graphical dashboards and Textual metrics for reporting.

Digitization of Working Processes

In the journey of Digital Transformation, it is extremely important to digitize all the working processes of the organization at every individual team level as well as cross team at the organization level. Task-based workflow capability of Kovair with its enriched set of features enables organizations to automate all their micro and macro level processes
  • Graphically design your workflows over browser-based graphical editor enabling configuration of a working process instead of imposing any in-built configuration.
  • Eliminate manual handoffs between teams in conjunction with tasks and notifications.
  • Implement conditional branching for parallel activities.
  • Implement Delay and Wait nodes for cross phase communication.
  • Monitor workflow progress through behind-the-scene graphical display.
  • Build a prototype of the designed workflow before publishing.
A Software Release Workflow exampleA Software Release Workflow example for a major chip equipment maker using Kovair ALM.

Establish a Smart and Connected Environment with Kovair Omnibus to save cost of operation

Every organization strives to deliver value to customer faster and better than they have done earlier and better than now in the future. In this endeavor, they often fall short as the tools, teams and processes operate in silos. This also leads to the problem where neither business nor IT gets a real-time update on what is happening where leading to increase in cost of operation. Kovair Omnibus, a SOA architected proprietary ESB with its OOTB integrations with 110+ tools covering areas of PLM, ERP, CRM, ITSM, ALM & PPM, synchronizes tools, teams and processes in the organization. This leads to significant savings of operational cost and other business benefits as given below:
Establish a Smart and Connected Environment with Kovair Omnibus to save cost of operation
  • Plug-n-play based integrations over an Enterprise Service Bus helping organizations to establish an integrated tools ecosystem across legacy and modern tools by protecting their existing tools investment
    Plug-n-play based integrations
  • Process orchestration across multiple tools between disparate systems thus optimizing frequently occurring processes and workflows to deploy applications more efficiently.
  • Align business with delivery teams by providing real-time visibility across multiple tools, environments, disciplines, locations, suppliers and partners.
  • Easily scale your implementation including new tools with minimum effort through codeless mouse click configurability.
  • Complete end to end traceability across tools to comply with all auditory requirements.
    End to End traceability using cross tool data
  • Synchronize your product delivery teams with the software delivery teams through by integrating PLM tools like Aras Innovator, Siemens Teamcenter and PTC Windchill with any ERP or ALM tools to achieve model-based system engineering.
  • Built-In disaster recovery to resume synchronization from the point where it was left due to connectivity issues.

Expedite your delivery by maintaining security with Kovair DevOps

DevOps helps organizations succeed with digital transformation by shifting the cultural mindset of the business and paving the way for continuous change. All these elements help organizations meet evolving customer demands with every release and helps organizations “self-steer” toward better solutions to continually improve. Kovair DevOps offers a task-based CI/CD pipeline with multiple functionalities such as:
  • Support for deployment in heterogeneous environments like on-premise or cloud
  • Dependent pipelines supporting testing on multiple environments
  • Dynamic provision and destruction of a cloud instance as and when required
  • Plugin for Kubernetes supporting Kubernetes commands and deployment
  • Integration with other phases of delivery helping organizations to efficiently manage their value stream
  • Execution of custom commands to make your microservices or custom routines a part of the delivery pipeline
  • Injection of manual approval activities in the pipeline to ensure delivery quality
  • Support for complete DevSecOps with various security testing tools like AppScan, Veracode and others
  • Manage and track progress of pipeline execution through e-mail

Real-Time Metrics to Ensure the delivery of Value to Customers

To customers, it’s the value that matters when a delivery or release happens. To ensure proper value of the items getting released and measure the speed of the delivery of every item that is getting delivered, there should be an end-to-end measurement. When it comes to measuring things some of the key elements to consider are:
  • Measure what matters
  • Measure all 3 constraints of Resource, Time & Cost
  • Measure the value that is getting delivered
  • Measure the business outcome through customer satisfaction
  • Relate delivery, productivity with business outcome
  • Measure the debt generated in the entire process from inception to delivery
Value Stream Management Platform of Kovair comes with a rich and comprehensive set of metrics covering different aspects of digital transformation.
  • Cross tool data-based reports and dashboards with drilldown capabilities
  • Complete flow metrics giving full insight into the quality, quantity and speed of delivery
  • Low code – No code mouse-click configurable reporting engine over and above OOTB Metrics

Develop smart connected products with Kovair ALM-PLM Solution

Complexity of today’s smart connected product development demands an integrated ALM-PLM solution to successfully handle heterogeneous mix of product data consisting of software, mechanical, electrical & electronics throughout the product lifecycle. Kovair ALM-PLM integrated solution provides cross tools traceability from requirements to release by connecting leading PLMs – Teamcenter, Windchill, Aras, depending on which one of these you have adopted – we support integrations with all three. Leading Systems Modeling tools – Cameo, Enterprise Architect, Rhapsody and leading ALMs – Kovair, Jama, Microfocus, Jira, IBM Jazz and many more!
Develop smart connected products with Kovair ALM-PLM Solution

Current Availability of 110+ Integrations from Kovair

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