Rally Integration with BMC Remedy

Automating IT Service Management and creating connectivity between ITSM processes and other ALM tools or processes are of paramount importance for productivity gains and customer responsiveness. Introducing an integrated ALM-ITSM strategy can enhance collaboration among all stakeholders involved with the various ITSM phases and thereby ensures Customer satisfaction.

Kovair integrates SaaS version of Rally with BMC Remedy ITSM by using its ESB-based Omnibus Integration Platform.

By integrating Rally with other ITSM and ALM tools, organizations can sync data across the connected tools. This integration removes functional silos, reduces manual handoff, functional dependencies, and in the process enhances teams’ productivity.

Kovair Integration with Rally

Rallydev Integration

Rally is exposed to the Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform through Kovair Rally Integration Adapter. The Adapter is responsible for integrating Rally with all the tools that are connected to the Omnibus integration platform. Kovair provides integration support for the SaaS version of Rally using API version 2.0.

By integrating Rally with other tools, organizations can sync data across the tools which are used for different phases of application lifecycle and IT Service Management.

This Kovair-Rally integration offers value-added Agile experience!

Kovair Integration with BMC Remedy

Remedy Integration

Kovair is the TAP Premier Partner of BMC Software and provides integrations aligned with BMC Remedy. Kovair Omnibus can increase the value of your Remedy investment and help to align Remedy with your broader organizational goals. Kovair provides integration support for the following versions of Remedy- 7.6.04, 7.1, 7.6 and 8.1.

Kovair Remedy Integration Adapter’ integrates Remedy ITSM Suite with other tools that are connected to the Kovair Omnibus platform. The adapter automatically handles essential Remedy events on the different artifacts like Incidents, Problems, Change, Release in the background and updates the Omnibus platform. The Omnibus platform can route those events to other tools hooked in the ecosystem.

ALM-ITSM Integration with BMC Remedy and Rally by Kovair

Key Benefits of Remedy-Kovair-Rally Integration

1. ALM-ITSM Convergence

The Business Need – Most organizations satisfy their Application Development and Technical Support teams with disparate, best-of-breed tools that act as silos. Organizations need to introduce an integrated ALM-ITSM strategy so that development team can have better visibility of requirements and support team can have better visibility of development activities.

Kovair Solution – Kovair bridges the data communication gap between Operations team using Remedy and Development team working in Rally and connects them together on a real time basis irrespective of their locations or time zone differences. This leads to a very easy adoption of Dev Ops for all organizations that are using Agile as a development methodology and wish to incorporate their customer user stories real time from their ITSM Incident or Problem Management modules into their Agile tools such as Rally here..

2. Integrated Service Desk

The Business Need – Service Desk plays an important role in running critical business operations. Handling Customer support tickets is the most sensitive and critical function that needs 100% accuracy, real-time monitoring of issue resolution progress and regular customer updates.

The problem compounds when there are multiple Service Desks in an organization and that are not tightly integrated with the Development and other functional teams working on the same Customer issue.

Kovair Solution – The synchronization between Rally and Remedy improves collaboration between Development teams and Technical Support teams to accelerate the correction of customer-reported issues. This helps avoid miscommunication between the teams that arises due to excessive manual intervention.

3. Increased Visibility

Business Need – In an IT service organization, Help Desk teams and Development teams work in isolation in their own tools’ environments. Therefore, none of the tools’ users get real-time visibility of the artifacts, which leads to delays and errors in customer communication.

Kovair Solution – By integrating Rally with Remedy, the teams can have better visibility of processes across the tools without leaving the comfort of their own tools’ setup. Changes in artifacts inside any tool get reflected in both the tools connected through Kovair.

4. Traceability and Cross-tool Reporting

Business Need – Service based IT Organizations often need to analyze the performance of their Customer Support System. The Help Desk manager needs to draw traceability relationship between issues that developers work on and the Customer tickets in question.

Kovair Solution – Kovair provides a Platform and Services for integrating multi-vendor tools for a Unified Software Development Environment. It provides an integrated view of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tools, a Central Repository for managing traceability of the cross-tool artifacts and generates Reports and Dashboards based on the accumulated data.

Integration Scenario between Rally and BMC Remedy

The following diagram explains that when Remedy and Rally are integrated through Kovair Omnibus, how a Ticket raised by a Customer in Remedy Service Desk automatically flows into the Rally as a User Story where developer fixes the code, and then notifies the Help Desk Manager on the resolution of the Ticket.

BMC Remedy and Rally Integration with Kovair Omnibus
Fig: The Rally-Remedy Integration Workflow through Kovair Omnibus

1. A Support person submits a Customer ticket in Remedy.
2. The ticket on verification is identified as a Change and the Change Request is submitted in Remedy.
3. The Change Request on submission automatically gets added as a User Story in Rally.
4. The Development Lead prioritizes and estimates the effort required to implement the User Story.
5. The modified information on the User Story is automatically updated to Remedy.
6. The Help Desk manager notifies the Customer based on the information (for example expected delivery date) automatically received from Rally.
7. Now the Developer writes codes to implement the User Story.
8. The Help Desk manager gets real-time status of the development artifacts in Rally from within Remedy.
9. Help Desk manager gets notification on the resolved ticket and therefore automatically updates the Customer.

As efficient collaboration is established between Development and Operations teams, Customers get benefitted by the real-time status of their tickets from Operations team. This goes one step ahead in managing profitable Customer relationship.

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