Omnibus Integration Platform – Product Pricing

Omnibus Licensing

How We Price Kovair Omnibus

Kovair Omnibus is priced as a solution consisting of product licenses, tool-specific adapter installation and enablement services and technical support. Kovair offers flexible licensing options that ensure customers can match their requirements based on their integration needs.

To get an estimate of the cost for your project, please speak to Kovair consultants. We will arrange a session for you on Webex, understand the scope of your project in detail and then suggest you a plan that works best.

Software Support and Maintenance
Kovair Omnibus Platform has two licensing options – Named License and Concurrent License. Named License is the Fixed license for a particular user. Generally administrators and senior executives use “Named” licenses so that they can log into the system irrespective of how many users are currently logged into the platform. Concurrent license as the name suggests is the total number of license usage by concurrent users at any given time. You can choose either Named License or Concurrent License depending on the project needs. To know more about these license types, email at or speak to Kovair consultants at 1.408.262.0200 Extn. 2100.
How flexible is your pricing model?
Kovair follows both perpetual as well as annual subscription based licensing model. You decide what gives you better ROI as per your project needs. Perpetual model is ideal for organizations having long-term, continuous projects that need comprehensive support from Kovair. Annual subscription model works best when you have comparatively short-term projects. At the end of 12 months you decide how to proceed. Speak to our consultants to know all the available options that you choose from.
Why don’t you publish Omnibus License cost on the web?
Before we can suggest you a price, we need to understand the overall project scope and then suggest you an optimum plan that saves you additional cost. The greatest advantage of Omnibus licensing model is its flexibility that ensures you get more for less. Following are the determining factors that we consider during pricing related discussions.
  • The number of users involved in the project
  • The overall scope of the project and complexity of use cases
  • The number of adapters and plug-ins required for integrations
  • The license usage pattern – Named or Concurrent that fits your project requirements
  • If you need other features of the Kovair ALM Platform, such as Traceability, Workflow, Policy, Custom Entities etc.
To learn more about how Omnibus licensing policy applies to your projects, speak to Kovair consultants.
Do I need to buy licenses for all the users that will consume Omnibus service?
No, absolutely not. Kovair Omnibus Platform licensing model is flexible in all aspects so that you spend less for more. You can choose Concurrent License for users who may not require to use Omnibus service all at once. However, each organization must have at least one named license for the administrator. Let us explain this through an example. Example 1: Assume a Company uses various tools/plug-ins and each has certain number of users as shown below.
  • QC – 20 users
  • JIRA – 30 users
  • TFS – 30 users
  • Eclipse (plug-in) – 40 users
Out of these 120 users of all tools, there are only 80 distinct users. In this case the Customer does not need to buy more than 80 Concurrent Licenses for Omnibus. This saves you licensing cost of 40 users. To learn more about how Omnibus licensing model works for concurrent users, speak to Kovair Sales.
Will my Omnibus license be used while I work on certain 3rd party tools?
No. If activities in the target tools do not trigger any service flow in Omnibus, users do not consume any Omnibus license at all. For example, if an HP QC user adds a test case in QC and Omnibus is not configured to move this test case to another tool then Omnibus license is not used. To learn about the license consumption pattern and how it works towards your benefits, contact us.
Do I need to buy additional Omnibus license for each of the new tools that I want to integrate with?
No, definitely Not. Even if you use more than one integrated tools at a time, you will consume only one Omnibus license. There is no additional license cost for any new tools that you adopt in future. However, there is a one-time cost for the new tool adapter that you need to incur and then any number of Omnibus licensees can use the adapter to perform actions on the target tool.
How does your Licensing model help in case I want to increase the number of users in future?
Kovair ensures that you scale up with ease and with minimum investment. You just need to buy the additional Omnibus licenses for new users as required. There is no additional adapter usage cost for the new users. In case you want to scale down after the completion of your project, you can remove additional users from the list of total licensees and avoid licensing cost in the next billing cycle. The whole process of scaling and up and down is simple and quick. Our support team will guide you throughout the process.
How does Omnibus price compete with others?
Kovair offers complete flexibility not only in pricing models i.e. Perpetual and Subscription, but also in licensing options i.e. Named License and Concurrent License. We will have a detailed discussion on what works best for your projects and then prepare a comprehensive plan for you.
How can Kovair help me save overall ALM infrastructure cost, yet satisfy all the project requirements?
Kovair can provide huge ALM cost savings with some workarounds. Once you are satisfied with our product demonstration, we can discuss and explore several opportunities to cut down on your project costs.