Omnibus OSLC Providers for IBM Jazz Users

Kovair is one of the members of OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) and supports open industry standards in ALM integrations. Kovair allows IBM Jazz users to integrate native Rational tools like RRC, RTC, RQM with OSLC non-compatible ALM tools such as HP Quality Center, Microsoft TFS, SharePoint, JIRA and many more.
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Why do you need OSLC support?

IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) tools have built-in support for OSLC linking, but many other best-of-breed tools providers are yet to come up with OSLC support.

These multi-vendor tools do not follow OSLC standards/specifications. Therefore, they cannot act as OSLC Providers for OSLC Consumer tools like RRC, RTC and RQM.

  • So, how do you connect popular ALM tools, which have not followed the OSLC standards yet, to these IBM offerings on the Jazz Platform?

Introducing Kovair OSLC Providers

Kovair has built an OSLC wrapper around its Omnibus that enables all the tools already connected to the Omnibus to be exposed as “OSLC Service Providers”. Kovair OSLC Provider exposes domain data as per OSLC domain specification and serves OSLC Consumer tools by sending queries, creating, updating and deleting resources through REST API.

With Kovair OSLC Wrapper, organizations using Jazz-based Rational tools can quickly integrate with a wide range of popular ALM tools from other vendors as well as Rational’s own legacy tools such as RequisitePro and Rational Functional Tester. For example, by connecting to Omnibus Platform, any ALM artifact in IBM RTC or RRC can have a live link to any artifact in Microsoft TFS, HP Quality Center or to any other Rational tools.

kovair OSLC Providers Architecture

What you can do with OSLC Integration

  • Support both Linking and Syncing
  • Gain ALM tools interoperability, cross-repository linking, traceability and transparency across organizations.
  • Browse the list of Requirements in RequisitePro, Work Items in TFS, Test Cases in Quality Center, Build Results in Hudson and Defects in JIRA from OSLC Consumer tools like IBM RTC, RRC, RQM.
  • link any of the above artifacts contained in different tools in the context of a Requirement in RRC, Change Item in RTC and Test Case in RQM. You can see a preview of the artifact with live data coming from the source tool.
  • Create new artifacts in RequisitePro, Quality Center, TFS, SharePoint and JIRA from RTC, RRC and RQM.
  • Follow the latest status, updates, activities and comments in OSLC Consumer tools when stakeholders work on the artifacts.
  • Update artifacts in various ALM tools and collaborate with other stakeholders.
  • Update any tool data in customized workflow
  • Configurable synchronization with desired individual attributes

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