Omnibus OSLC Providers for IBM Jazz Tools

Kovair Omnibus Platform supports OSLC – Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration based Integration.

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Kovair Omnibus OSLC

Omnibus OSLC Providers for IBM Jazz Tools

Kovair Omnibus supports open industry standards in integrations. Kovair allows IBM Jazz users to establish OSLC based links between native Rational tools like Engineering Requirements Management – DOORS Next, Engineering Workflow Management (EWM), Engineering Test Management (ETM) and non OSLC ALM tools such as Microfocus ALM, Atlassian JIRA and others.

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What can be done with Omnibus Integration?

  • Establish bi-directional OSLC Linking and Syncing.
  • Gain cross-resource linking, traceability and transparency across ALM tools.
  • Search and identify Work Items from Microfocus ALM, Bugs in Jira through OSLC based delegated User Interface, and link them with Jazz native OSLC tools.
  • Follow the latest status, updates, activities, and comments in OSLC Consumer tools when stakeholders work on the artifacts.
  • Update links across the connected tools through OSLC links.
  • Achieve bi-directional updates through out-of-the-box Service Flows.
  • Configure bi-directional synchronization among the connected tools across the ecosystem.

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Introducing Kovair OSLC Providers

Kovair has built an OSLC wrapper on its repository based Omnibus adapters that enables all the tools already connected to the Omnibus to be exposed as “OSLC Service Providers”.

With Kovair OSLC Wrapper, organizations using OSLC enabled tools can quickly integrate with a wide range of popular ALM tools from other vendors. For example, by connecting to Omnibus Platform, any ALM artifact in IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) or DOORS Next can have a live link to any artifact in Microfocus ALM and Atlassian Jira.

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