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An IBM business partner Kovair was invited to present on how their Kovair Omnibus solution provides bridges, synchronization and workflow support across multiple tools from multiple vendors. It’s a common situation to find yourself trying to enact processes and workflows when you have a diverse set of tools. Kovair talked about their support for OSLC to be able to widen the number of tools they can help link together, but also highlighted scenarios where you would still want to copy or transform data between tools – it’s not a choice of Link or Sync, it’s Link and Sync as appropriate,

- Andy Guard, Senior Go-to-Market Manager,, IBM

Integrated ALM with Kovair and IBM

Kovair Integration Support for IBM Tools

Business Values from Kovair Integration with IBM Tools

  • Avail bi-directional integration support for IBM legacy tools and the Next Generation CLM tools.IBM Rational Partner
  • Gain ALM tools interoperability, cross-repository syncing, traceability and transparency across development functions.
  • Improve team collaboration by connecting IBM Rational Tools with other non-IBM tools.
  • Avail OSLC Linking support for integrating OSLC Consumer tools like RRC, RQM, RTC with non-OSLC tools like HP QC, TFS, JIRA, SharePoint and IBM Rational tools.

Kovair Integration Support for IBM Tools

Requirements Management


IBM RRC DOORS Next Gen AdapterKovair DOORS Integration Adapter provides a seamless connection between DOORS deployment and best-of-breed tools from other vendors like RequisitePro, ClearQuest, HP QC, and TFS. This integration ensures that all the artifacts across the development chain are tightly integrated and changes in Requirements in DOORS can be traced to other linked artifacts like test cases and issues regardless of the tools involved in between. Read More→


IBM RRC DOORS Next Gen AdapterKovair DOORS Next Gen Adapter integrates IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation with rest of the software delivery tools in an organization. With this integration, Requirements, Test Plan Collection, Storyboard, Modules, Collections and their traceability relationships in DOORS Next Gen are exposed to the other ALM tools connected through Omnibus. This enhances collaboration and productivity among stakeholders and enable them actively participate in requirements management process. Read More→


IBM Rational RequisitePro AdapterKovair RequisitePro Integration Adapter connects Business Analysts, Project Managers, Developers, and Testers in context of project requirements by integrating RequisitePro with other ALM tools from multiple areas and multiple vendors, such as HP QC, ClearQuest, Git, Hudson, TFS, and JIRA. It enables requirements to flow bi-directionally between RequisitePro and other tools in the ALM chain and thus allows users to work on requirements from within their preferred tools. Read More→

Design Management

Design Management

Rational Software Architect

IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA)Kovair Omnibus Plug-in and Adapter for Rational Software Architect allow users to view artifacts from any of the other connected tools in the ecosystem. The users can also use the plug-in to add Design Models and Design Elements as traceable items to the Kovair Omnibus RSA Adapter. This would enable other users to link with these items using Kovair Omnibus plug-ins.

IDE for Coding

Rational Application Developer

IBM Rational Application Developer Adapter (RAD)Kovair Omnibus Plug-in and Adapter for Rational Application Developer allow users to add Files Classes and Methods as traceable items to the Kovair Omnibus. This enables other users to link with this item using Kovair Omnibus plug-ins. The artifacts then become traceable entities in the ALM ecosystem which provides end-to-end traceability up to the code method level.


Eclipse AdapterKovair plug-in for Eclipse enables collaboration among the stakeholders throughout the development lifecycle and ensures synchronization among disparate ALM tools. Using this plug-in, Eclipse users can have extended access to artifacts, such requirements, designs, test cases, tasks, and defects originating from diverse ALM tools without leaving their preferred IDE. This allows users of ALM tools, such as VSTS Developer, VSTS Architect, RAD, RSA to view/modify the exposed Eclipse entities from within their preferred environment. Read More→

Deployment Management


uDeploy AdapterKovair integration with UrbanCode Deploy allows users to view the various Application deployment results with status along with related Component deployment status from Kovair’s Traceability View.The ‘UrbanCode Deploy Integration Adapter’ allows UrbanCode Deploy to connect to Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform and thereby synchronize with other ALM tools in the system. The adapter can integrate with the existing process flow and configuration of an existing UrbanCode Deploy setup seamlessly, just as it can with a fresh setup. Read More→


uRelease AdapterKovair UrbanCode Release Adapter integrates IBM UrbanCode Release with other best-of-breed ALM tools and provides a centralized view of the Unified Software Release Process.Read More→

Configuration Management


IBM ClearCase AdapterKovair ClearCase Integration Adapter integrates ClearCase – a SCM system with a wide array of ALM tools, such as Bugzilla, HP QC, and SharePoint. This helps software development teams in software asset management, streamlined development, version control, enhanced collaboration and gaining end-to-end traceability between all project artifacts in relation.Read More→

Rational Team Concert

IBM Rational Team Concert Integration AdapterKovair Rational Team Concert Integration Adapter allows Rational Team Concert to synchronize its work items with different Change Management systems or Software Lifecycle tools, such as Rally, JIRA, TestLink, Clarity, MS SharePoint and MS Team Foundation Server. It streamlines development processes with integrated Change Management and Configuration Management capabilities, improves work quality and enhances team productivity through workspace management & parallel development support. Read More→

Test Management

Rational Quality Manager

IBM Rational Quality Manager AdapterKovair RQM Adapter exposes Test Plan, Test Suite, Test Case, Test Script, Step, Test Result, Result Step and Build from Rational Quality Manager and enables bi-directional synchronization between RQM and other best-of-breed tools connected to Omnibus. Kovair supports both synching and linking between RQM and other non-OSLC tools using Kovair OSLC Provider for RQM.

Rational Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester AdapterKovair Adapter for Rational Functional Tester works as a data repository and the plug-in allows users to execute their Test scripts in their own environment, track the outcomes, and push failed cases as Defects to Omnibus. The integration also enables them create traceability between a script file and the issues associated with it.

Rational Test RealTime

IBM Rational Test RealTime AdapterKovair RTRT Integration Adapter offers one-way data synchronization between IBM RTRT and Kovair Omnibus, where data flows from RTRT to Kovair Omnibus. By integrating IBM Rational Test RealTime with Kovair Omnibus, one can gain visibility into RTRT Reports such as Performance Profile, Code Coverage, Test Report and Memory Profile from within Kovair.Read More→

Change Management


IBM ClearQuest AdapterKovair CQ Integration Adapter integrates ClearQuest with other tools such as HP QC, Bugzilla, TFS in the integrated ALM eco-system so that ClearQuests’s change management and defect tracking capabilities are available to all the tools without having to log into the ClearQuest. This helps in better project control and improves software quality.

OSLC Providers

RRC, RTC and RQM Provider

Kovair OSLC ProvidersKovair allows IBM Jazz users to integrate OSLC Consumer tools like RRC, RTC, RQM with OSLC non-compatible ALM tools such as HP Quality Center, Microsoft TFS, SharePoint, JIRA as well as Rational’s own legacy tools such as RequisitePro and Rational Functional Tester. Kovair currently supports OSLC specifications for Requirements Management, Quality Management and Change Management. Read More→

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