Omnibus – Product Features

Kovair Omnibus – Product Features

Want to learn the high level features of Kovair Omnibus tool? Want to validate if those features satisfy your existing and future tool integration requirements?

Omnibus Link Sync

Sync and Link

Customize as per the requirements by linking and synching.
Kovair Omnibus provides the unique ability to Sync and/or Link with artifacts from different tools based on the demands of the particular use case.
Enterprise Service Bus

ESB Architecture

Plug-in, plug-out adapters into the ecosystem as and when required.
Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform is based on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) based architecture. It enables enterprises to realize the value of SOA by reducing complexity in integrating applications and providing better control on tool usage.
Omnibus Web Service Communication

WS Communication

Support industry standard SOA protocol for communication.
Kovair provides a mechanism to send web service calls to any available web service. Field values from any artifact can be passed as parameters to these web service calls and the return values can be captured into selected fields of artifacts.
Omnibus Cloud Compatibility

Cloud Compatibility

Implement cloud based integrations across geographies.
Kovair Omnibus can integrate any SaaS or Cloud Application. This can support any Hybrid Cloud environment where Cloud as well as on-premise applications/ tools need to be integrated. Omnibus is Cloud compatible – Cloud-to-Cloud, Cloud-to-On-premise and On-premise to On-premise.
Omnibus Web based Configuration

Web Configuration

Complete web based configuration without client footprint.
Kovair Omnibus offers a web based simple visual drag-drop interface to define attribute mapping, integration flows, user and relationship mapping. Customers can easily access this using standard browser and customize the configurations as per their integration requirement. The configurations are stored in central repository.
Omnibus Orchestration

Central Orchestration

Total control of integration dataflow from central orchestration.
Kovair Omnibus augments integrated tools’ capabilities with Workflow. It helps to setup and automate an end-to-end process across the tools. Customers can exactly control the movement of data from one tool to one or more other tools based on conditions, as per specific business requirements.
Enterprise Readiness

Enterprise Readiness

Deploy enterprise level scalable ESB framework.
Kovair Omnibus offers enterprise class scalability, performance, reliability and availability to handle thousands of users and millions of synchronizations. Omnibus supports load balanced servers to scale increased load. This has built-in message queues at several levels to ensure reliable transport of data between tools.
omnibus Extensibility

Tool Extensibility

Feature-ready ESB framework to scale up in future.
Using Kovair Omnibus it is very easy to add new tools into the integrated ecosystem of tools. The new tool adapter needs to be registered to the Integration bus and the tool is immediately connected to the rest of the tools in the system.


Gain end-to-end traceability across heterogenous tools.
Kovair Omnibus’s central framework allows creating and managing Traceability relationships between artifacts from multiple (more than a pair of) tools. This is not possible with Point-to-point integration where without a central framework only two tools are integrated at a time. Moreover, due to its flexibility in relationship management, Kovair Omnibus promotes multi-tool proactive and reactive change impact analysis.
Omnibus OSLC Support

OSLC Support

Support for OSLC linking as per OSLC specifications.
Kovair has built an OSLC wrapper around its Omnibus that enables non-OSLC tools already connected to the Omnibus, to be exposed as “OSLC Service Providers”. With this Organizations using IBM Jazz-based Rational tools like RTC, DOORS Next Gen and RQM can quickly integrate with HP QC, JIRA, SharePoint, TFS, CA Clarity as well as Rational’s own legacy tools such as RequisitePro and Rational Functional Tester.
Omnibus Data Validation

Data Validation

Incorporate data validation at each level during integration.
Kovair Omnibus delivers validation of data for correct structure and format. This allows only compatible data types to be mapped and enables customers to resolve any differences in length, size, precision, format, and so on, thus maintaining greater data integrity.
Relationship Sync

Relationship Sync

Integrate relations between artifacts across tools easily.
Kovair Omnibus facilitates relationship data to be transferred along with normal data synchronization. This helps to setup an end-to-end traceability and context driven information set.
Omnibus Reporting Analytics

Reporting & Dashboard

Generate cross-tool reports and useful metrics with dashboard.
Kovair Omnibus provides data from different tools to be optionally collected within its own repository enabling cross tools consolidated reporting and dashboard. This results discovering meaningful metrics out of the information hidden in siloed tools and helps customers to make better and timely decisions.
Omnibus Plugin Extensions

Plugin Extensions

Support for plug-ins for all standard IDEs like Eclipse,VSTS.
Kovair Omnibus allows any participant tool to publish its presentation UIs for Add/Update/Delete operations along with the front-end client side business rules. This enables other tools to embed these UIs within their own web or rich-client/desktop interfaces and let users interact. For example, Kovair Eclipse Plug-in allows users to get “RequisitePro Requirement Add/Update/Delete forms” from within the Eclipse or Visual Studio IDE.
Omnibus Integrity Checking

Integrity Checking

Proactive integrity checking at various tiers of Omnibus.
Kovair Omnibus supports pro-active integrity checking for information synchronization between different tools. This helps to find out any synchronization inconsistencies between tools and then resolve those through re-sync capabilities.
Omnibus Template Reusing

Multi-tool Routing

Automatically Control data flow movement between tools.
Kovair Omnibus supports advanced and intelligent routing of information through an easy visual interface. Customers can exactly control the movement of data from one tool to one or more other tools based on conditions, as per specific business or development requirements.