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An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform to seamlessly connect applications and data using SOA Architecture.

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What is Kovair Omnibus

An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform to seamlessly connect applications and data using SOA Architecture.

Kovair Omnibus enables you to connect 80+ applications to create a unified, and highly productive development environment.

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Significantly Simpler Development

Traceability with Change Impact Analysis

Protects Investments

Process Automation without Boundary

Best-of-breed Tools for Best Functions

Flexibility of Integration Business Rules

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Achieve seamless synchronization, linking and migrations across multiple tools

Software teams are using multiple best of the breed tools but mostly they work in silos without real-time sharing of data.

Now integrate those tools through Kovair Omnibus to achieve cross-team and cross-tool collaboration across disparate systems.

Choose from the list of 80+ integration adapters or connectors developed by Kovair.

  • Achieve a seamless integrated data and execution flow without replacing your current tools
  • Connect all your teams and create a collaborative environment for better quality delivery
  • Stay updated with real-time metrics and traceability based on cross tool data

Our integration suite consists of tools of various technologies from all phases of Application Lifecycle, DevOps, and migrations.

list of Integrations from Kovair

Adapter/connector details and datasheets ❯

IBM DOORS NextGen IntegrationIBM RequisitePro IntegrationiRise IntegrationJama-Software Integration

Requirements Management Tools Integrations

Connect your requirements management system to other development, testing, delivery and operations tools. Let requirements or user stories become the integral part of entire lifecycle across multiple teams.

IDE and Code Analysis Tools Integrations

Get direct access to requirements, designs, test cases, tasks, and defects in different ALM tools without leaving your preferred IDE. Analyze code quality before check-in directly from the application.

Eclipse IntegrationSonarQube IntegrationFindBugs IntegrationLDRA IntegrationVisual Studio Integration
Git IntegrationIBM RTC IntegrationIBM ClearCase IntegrationPerforce IntegrationTFS IntegrationSubversion Integration

Configuration and Source Code Management Tools Integrations

Synchronize source code management system with other ALM tools. Manage change requests, test cases, defects, requirements, and builds in a collaborative system. Get direct access to SCM artifacts like change sets, file versions from other lifecycle tools.

Build Management Tools Integrations

Integrate your Build tool with rest of the software lifecycle tools. Create a synchronized work environment to automate build process which will facilitate Continuous Integration followed by DevOps implementation.

ANT IntegrationJenkins IntegrationHudson IntegrationMaven IntegrationMS Build IntegrationTeamCity Integration
HP ALM IntegrationIBM RFT IntegrationIBM RQM IntegrationIBM RTRT IntegrationSelenium IntegrationTestLink IntegrationJMeter IntegrationJUnit IntegrationQTP Integration

Test Management Tools Integrations

Integrate your test tool data with requirements, defects and release tracking systems. Collaborate on issues with developers, business analysts and project managers to accelerate delivery with quality.

Defect Management Tools Integrations

Connect your defect tracking system to other test management and project planning tools.Identify defects early in the lifecycle, escalate defect resolution automatically and give real-time updates.

Bugzilla IntegrationJIRA IntegrationMantis IntegrationRedmine Integration
BMC Remedy IntegrationRemedyForce IntegrationServiceNow Integration

IT Service Management Tools Integrations

Sync any of your ITSM tools with software development and delivery tools. Engage in real-time collaboration with developers and improve Help desk operations by providing continuous updates to customers.

Project and Portfolio Management Tools Integrations

Connect your project and portfolio management tools with other lifecycle tool systems. Gain total visibility into portfolio, programs, projects and individual work items of PPM tools from other development tools through integrations.

CA PPM IntegrationMingle IntegrationMSProject Integration
CA IntegrationJIRA IntegrationRally IntegrationVersionOne Integration

Agile Project Management Tools Integrations

Align project plans and execution with day-to-day development activities and progress performance. Integrate agile project planning tools with rest of the software lifecycle tools and

Why Kovair Omnibus

  • Achieve seamless integration of third-party, legacy, open source and homegrown tools.
  • Gain ALM tools interoperability, cross-repository linking and transparency across organizations.
  • Manage end-to-end traceability from Requirements to Code to Testing and Delivery ensuring compliance.
  • Avoid complex and costly tools integrations; overcome the limitation of existing point-to-point and single vendor integrations.
  • Implement OLSC based integration between IBM Jazz based tools like RRC, RTC, RQM and non-OSLC tools like QC, JIRA, TFS and SharePoint.
  • Reuse built-in configuration templates to support automated integration setup for hundreds and thousands of projects.
  • Ensure zero-error and zero-loss data synchronization between tools.

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