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Kovair Omnibus Enterprise iPaaS

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The ever-increasing market competition demands an agile and reactive IT landscape. To survive or stay ahead of this competition, organizations need the teams, processes, tools and methods to collaborate seamlessly across any IT environment. Kovair Omnibus Enterprise iPaaS solution will facilitate enterprises with all their integration requirements. It will allow enterprises to achieve data integration between on-premise applications and cloud applications or between the cloud applications. Not only collaboration between teams, it will also provide a central cloud-based platform for enterprises to view the overall progress of the release.

Critical capabilities of Omnibus Enterprise iPaaS includes:

  • Implement integrated tools environment in a secured public cloud environment.
  • Easy access to a no-code customizable integration platform for a hassle-free configuration of business use cases.
  • Out of the box integrations offering between popular ALM tools, Jira, ADO, ServiceNow, MF Octane, Jama, and Rally
  • Synchronization of attachments, comments and relationships between records
  • Get cross tool data-based reports & dashboards with drilldown capabilities
  • Ensure 0 data loss during exchange of data through disaster recovery mechanism of Kovair Omnibus

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Our integration suite consists of tools of various technologies from all phases of the Application Lifecycle, DevOps, and migrations.

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