Data Migration from QAComplete to Jira Test Management

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QAComplete is one of the popular tools from Smartbear. This is a software test management tool, it provides the expertise to plan and manage all test cases, requirements, and defects related to a release or user stories in a single place.

Test management for JIRA is an inherent application that is in JIRA and carries quality test managing capabilities to any JIRA project. When Test Management is used with JIRA, the test can be created and viewed in any JIRA project. It can be executed immediately as part of a testing cycle.

Migration Proposition

Migration of QAComplete data to Jira Test Management will leverage users to use the rich functionality of JIRA with all types of artifacts. Through migration to Jira Test Management; an organization can seamlessly manage product development with quality in a single tool. The engineers using Jira Test Management will have clear visibility into the exact test case status and real-time access to any bug tagged to the Story along with the traceability. The migration achieved through Kovair QuickSync ensures that all historical and current data to the target system with full traceability.

Features & Benefits

  • Migrates requirements, test, test steps and test run.
  • Supports migration of attachment, comments and change history.
  • Full Scope migration of data with relationships.
  • It can migrate data from one project to one; or many projects; as well as from many projects to one or many.
  • Supports both custom and system fields for migration.
  • Copies data from source to target rather than cut and paste.

Migration Benefits

  • With Jira Test Management, organizations can empower the agile teams with various reports, traceability.
  • Organize large test case libraries by using folders and test suites. Traceability between story, test cases, and bugs.
  • Create test cycles to track test executions and Reuse test cases across projects.
  • Take advantage of end-to-end traceability and quality for stories and features.
  • Build for speed and constantly improved to meet the needs of Enterprise Jira users, you can organize test cases into libraries to re-use and re-purpose them across project releases and sprints.

Benefits of Using QuickSync

Kovair QuickSync offers cost-effective, easy-to-configure & use, and intuitive platform for mapping tools and migrating/merging/ syncing tool data. Now enjoy less downtime, less adoption time, and bulk data migration facility without errors or loss of any data. The on-screen monitoring of data flow, real-time reporting of metrics, and synchronization history gives you total control on the data migration process and results in 100% migration with zero failure.

  • Codeless configuration for mapping the Rally projects, entities and fields to the Jira counterparts.
  • Data coverage – Can migrate portfolio items, defects, user stories, and tasks.
  • Easy monitoring capabilities having an objective and subjective statistical view of the state of migration with reports and logs.
  • No additional platform cost.
  • Supports the Retry mechanism for any unsuccessful migration.
  • Simple licensing based on the successful transactions across all configurations and all projects by any number of users.
  • Support attachment, links, comment and Change History migration.
  • Migration of bulk data along with comments.
  • Side-by-side comparison of post-migration data.
  • Data sanity check option for migrated items.

QuickSync Prerequisites

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 runtime
  • Minimum screen resolution for QuickSync: 1366 x 768
  • Minimum primary memory (RAM): 8 GB
  • Tool Installation Space in HDD (Native): 500 MB
  • Both Micro Focus Jira and Azure DevOps must be accessible from the machine where QuickSync will be installed
  • For QAComplete; users from the Administrator group are required for migration
  • For Jira Test Management; user from Project Administrator group is required for migration

Sync and Migration Support Details

The following are the artifacts and the Associated attributes that are exposed from the Source and Target for rich data migration.

Tool Name Artifacts being Synced or Migrated

QA Complete

Requirement, Defect, Test, Test Steps, Test Set, Run


Bug, Epic, Story, Test Steps, Test Case, Test Run

Migration Experiences

Kovair’s experience from various migration projects has been stated below:

  • Rapid migration of data with maximum data availability to the business and no application downtime.
  • No impact to applications on either side.
  • Data integrity retained – business-oriented data transformation can be performed at a mouse click.

Phases Migration

Following are the high-level phases:

Phases Migration