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Introducing Kovair QuickSync

Kovair QuickSync is a one stop, cost-effective, wide-range data migration solution for any enterprise across industry. Kovair QuickSync is a Windows-based desktop solution, which can be easily installed and used. Requirement of minimal infrastructure for operation makes it a very cost effective and efficient solution for the industry. It not only helps to migrate data from one source to one target but also helps to migrate data from one source to multiple targets. Its Instinctive UI makes it easily adaptable and adorable to the users.

Download Kovair QuickSync brochure to get an overview of Kovair offerings

Download Kovair QuickSync brochure

Key Highlights of Kovair QuickSync

  • Highly scalable to accommodate large volumes of data.
  • Multiple parallel setups can be created across multiple hosts.
  • Negligible system downtime during migration.
  • Data synchronization support post migration to facilitate phase-wise roll out.
  • Migration support for records, attachments, comments, and rich text data.
  • Migration support and link retention between artifacts.
  • Support for transformation and overriding of data.
  • Automated data validation using Data Checker.
  • Re-execution of error items.
  • Support for SSL, TLS1.1 and TLS 1.2 enabled tools.
  • Minimum manual effort for data content validation by providing on-screen side-by-side comparison.
  • Migration of automated test cases in case of testing tool data migration.
  • Graphical reports for monitoring of migration health on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.
  • Support for reflow of erroneous data.
  • Data migration support from a single consolidated tool to multiple specialized tools.

Immediate Business Benefits

  • Get total flexibility to move data instantly.
  • Use single-point console for both data synchronization and migration.
  • Monitor migrated data and migration status.
  • Check data sanity between tools for both real-time and historical data.
  • Reduce manual effort of data validation during migration.
  • Generate On-screen reports for quick analysis of data flow.
  • Reduce new tool adoption time by teams.
  • Minimum cost – No extra infrastructure. No Database, no web server required. Just download, install and you are ready.

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Major Capabilities

Multi-Faceted Integrations

QuickSync, primarily a migration tool, also has capabilities for supporting real-time bidirectional data synchronization between a pair of tools. Post migration, during transition overlapping period, the synch service is required as users continue to work in the existing tool until data validation activities are completed on the new one.

Data Migration from Source to Multiple Target Tools

QuickSync can migrate data from one source to multiple target tools based on the artifact type. For example, in a scenario where the source is an ALM tool like HP ALM / Rally / Kovair and the target is a suite of multiple tools like Jazz consisting of RDNG, RQM and RTC, if there is a need for migration of Requirements to RDNG, Tests to RQM, and Defects to RTC, then QuickSync is well capable of addressing such migration scenario.

Data Migration from Source to Multiple Target Tools

Drag-and-Drop Configuration

QuickSync provides an intuitive UI with simplistic drag-n-drop configurability. Users can quickly configure the metadata mapping and define migration rules as well as operate and monitor the actual data migration process. No separate training time is required for the users to work on QuickSync.

Support for Multiple Databases

QuickSync provides the option to select a database based on the volume of data to be migrated. Users can select from SQL Lite, MySQL for smaller volume of data migration or MS SQL Server and Oracle for larger volume of data migration.

Support for Multiple Databases

Migration Support from One or Multiple Hosts

In large organizations, migration of large number of projects with high data volume is a common scenario. Along with data accuracy, it is important to complete the entire migration on time. In such a scenario, it is often required that the migration runs from multiple hosts scaling the entire process horizontally.

QuickSync provides the facility to opt for a single host or multiple hosts environment depending on the data volume to be migrated. This allows the migration process to work in parallel, ensuring faster and on-time completion of the job.

Migration Support from One or Multiple Hosts

Single Window Monitoring

QuickSync provides single window interface for monitoring migration work running from multiple hosts. Users can view the entire progress of work from a single interface in a cost-effective manner by eliminating the need for dedicated resources for tracking and managing migration activities occurring every individual host.

Single Window Monitoring

Migration Support of Data and Links

Along with migration of records, QuickSync also migrates traceability links existing between the migrated artifacts. These traceability links can be direct tool level links, Http links or OSLC links. QuickSync offers the same support during synchronization.

Migration Support of Data and Links

Migration Support for Rich Data

QuickSync offers extensible support for migrating and synchronizing rich text data (if supported by target tool) in terms of system and custom attributes for each of the exposed entities, comments, and attachments of individual records as well as the traceability relationship between them.

No-Host Dependent Configuration

In a multi-host migration environment, QuickSync offers a common single interface through which any project pair can be configured from any host. This eliminates the stringency of configuring and executing a project pair from a specific host. It offers a flexibility that if a host is occupied for some reason, then another host can be used to configure the second project pair assigned to that same host. Hence, no time is lost in waiting for the first one to complete and then initiate the work for the second one.

Support for Overriding

QuickSync enables migration rules to be defined with or without conditions for creating the record that needs to be migrate. During the actual migration, users can also override the pre-defined migration rules by setting different migration criteria.

Support for Overriding

Side-by-Side Comparison for Easy Data Validation

Post migration, validating and verifying the migrated data is an important activity in the migration process. The simpler and more structured the interface, the faster is the process of validating the migrated data.

QuickSync provides a single consolidated interface through which the source data and the corresponding migrated record in the target is displayed side-by-side in a tabular format. This facilitates quick comparison of the source records with the migrated ones. In addition, if required, users can further drill down to do a comparison for each of the record pairs at field level.

Side-by-Side Comparison for Easy Data Validation

Once the data related problem in the source record is fixed, QuickSync not only allows users to validate the record side-by-side but also allows users to migrate the same record-by-record. Using the Sanity Check screen, users can select the erroneous records and do a forced resync. QuickSync pushes this specific record to the target, thereby saving time and effort from re-running the entire migration set all over again and focusing only on the failed items.

Side-by-Side Comparison for Easy Data Validation

Automated Data Validation Using Data Checker

QuickSync provides the capability to configure a job that would run asynchronously to auto validate the migrated or synched data between the source and the target tools. The validation is performed based on the field mapping definition configured in QuickSync tool and comparing those with the field values from the source and the target tools. It also compares the count of attachments per record between the source and the target. QuickSync produces an HTML report that would help the users to analyze any data discrepancies. The same report can be generated in the form of a spreadsheet too.

Automated Data Validation Using Data Checker
Automated Data Validation Using Data Checker

Re-Execution of Error item(s)

Apart from selective resynching of specific failed items, QuickSync provides an additional interface for bulk re-execution of all failed items. A dedicated page is provided enlisting all those records that have failed to migrate due to certain reasons. Once those data related errors are rectified, QuickSync allows you to re-execute all the error items in one shot. This re-execution will trigger the initiation of the migration process of all the error items one-by-one and successfully insert or update those into the target tool.

Metrics for Monitoring

QuickSync provides various graphical reports for on-screen health monitoring. It helps to visualize of data migration or synchronization in hours, days or months.


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