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Embedded Systems Tools Integration and CRM-PLM Integration Solution

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Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform

Kovair through its flagKovair Omnibus is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform that seamlessly connects applications and data using SOA Architecture.

Software teams are using multiple tools that are considered to be best of the breed but unfortunately most of them work in silos without sharing data in real time. Kovair Omnibus enables you to connect 110+ applications so that you can create a unified and highly productive development environment. This helps organizations to achieve cross-team and cross-tool collaboration across disparate systems.

Tools Integration

Kovair Embedded Systems Tools Integration

Kovair’s PLM-ALM-MBSE solution focuses on MBSE-PLM-ALM Integration by addressing the need for Requirement to Release Lifecycle Collaboration Management from an end-to-end perspective.

This demands a robust integration platform that can connect Embedded Systems consisting of both electronics hardware and software components. Kovair ESB platform Omnibus offers the solution not just for embedding both hardware and software systems but also for effective synchronization of data, process, technology, and people across the product lifecycle.

The key objectives of this holistic solution are to reduce the complexity of collaboration, enhance traceability, expand data visualization to fast track decision making process, proliferate governance and program management across smart connected product lifecycle.

Kovair’s solution can provide cross tools searchability, heterogenous BOM management and BOM variant configuration management, closed loop change process management with end-to-end traceability and reporting.

major MBSE activities for embaded systems
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Kovair CRM-PLM Integration Solution

Kovair provides turnkey integration solutions like bi-directional data synchronization between enterprise tool sets. This is possible through seamless integration with Kovair Omnibus ESB Middleware and tool adapters. Kovair also provides REST API support, which is imperative for discrete manufacturing companies and to federate between existing enterprise tools like CRM, PLM, ERP, IOT, MES, CPQ.

For example, Kovair has an established integration with Salesforce and through its Omnibus platform, can access any of the enterprise tools either Upstream or Downstream.

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