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Kovair QuickSync

Kovair QuickSync is a one stop, cost-effective, wide-range data migration solution for any enterprise across industry. Kovair QuickSync is a Windows-based desktop solution, which can be easily installed and used. Requirement of minimal infrastructure for operation makes it a very cost effective and efficient solution for the industry. It not only helps to migrate data from one source to one target but also helps to migrate data from one source to multiple targets. Its Instinctive UI makes it easily adaptable and adorable to the users.

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Kovair Turnkey Migration Solution for PLM

Consolidating data from multiple systems into a single tool becomes a priority for many organizations. Kovair’s turnkey migration solution together with QuickSync is well suited for such a scenario, providing assistance right from data cleansing, extraction, transformation to loading and more importantly validating the status of migrated data to source data.

Kovair has already accomplished many successful turnkey migration projects for Fortune 50 customers, consisting of more than 3.4 million data with less than 0.3% error rate.

Kovair Turnkey Migration Solution offers a visual data mapping tool for configuring the migration environment with appropriate source and target objects, entities, fields, and attributes. It can also offer solution for handling multiple sources and target migration scenarios.

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