PLM-ALM Center of Excellence (CoE)

Enabling Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industries to achieve their truly Connected Enterprise Vision.

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Kovair PLM-ALM CoE

Accelerate Product Development to Lead the Market Profitably & Harmonize Productivity, Cost & Quality to Achieve Customer Satisfaction.


Highlights of Kovair PLM-ALM CoE
  • Kovair PLM-ALM Center of Excellence (CoE) addresses collaboration complexity of today’s smart-connected product development through Kovair Omnibus ESB based Middleware providing bi-directional integration connecting more than 110+ tools enterprise tools across Smart Connected Product System Lifecycle. Through integration of ALM tools like Kovair, Jama, Micro Focus, Jira, IBM RDNG with model-based system engineering tools like Matlab Simulink, Enterprise Architect, Rhapsody, Cameo with PLM tools like Teamcenter, Windchill, Aras, with ERP tools like SAP, the CoE addresses the important aspects of the connected Digital Thread by linking process, data, and people from requirements to release! Key value propositions offered by Koviar ALM-PLM CoE are :
    • Interoperability & Enterprise Collaboration
    • Closed Loop Process Management,
    • Variant Configuration Management
    • BOM Transformation
  • Kovair’s,PLM CoE has strategic partnerships with some of the leading players in the PLM industry like Siemens, PTC, Aras and implement it to address every aspect of product lifecycle management. PLM is a secured platform to connect & collaborate, exchange design data, manage bill of materials, changes, revisions, releases, with abilities to do digital design reviews and manage multiple product variant configurations efficiently.
  • Kovair CPQ, focuses on Configure Product Quote and Design Automation which assist in reduction of design cycle time with predictable quality design outputs.
  • Kovair’s Engineering Process Management solution address the engineering department needs like project management, document management, process management and BOM transformation needs using the best of breed functionalities of Kovair PPM & Integrated ALM
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Highlights of Kovair Omnibus


Develop smart connected product concurrently using closed loop process management platform connecting people, data, and process efficiently!

Seamless integrated

Achieve a seamless integrated data and execution flow without replacing your current tools.

End-to-end traceability

Manage end-to-end traceability from Requirements to Code to Testing and Delivery ensuring compliance.

Centralize configuration

Centralize configuration of integration between tools deployed for production.

Zero-loss data

Ensure zero error and zero-loss data synchronization between tools.

Seamless integrated data

Stay updated with real-time metrics and traceability based on cross tool data.

Kovair's PLM-ALM CoE

Value Proposition

  • Develop smart connected product concurrently using closed loop process management platform connecting people, data, and process efficiently!
  • Accelerate time to market through effective product lifecycle collaboration enabled by Enterprise Integration Solutions
  • Manage regulatory compliance by connecting cross functional artifacts like product records with test results through End-to-End Traceability!
  • Establish cross tools data synchronization using bi-directional enterprise integration with Kovair Omnibus to improve productivity!
  • Enable BOM transformation & variant configurations of heterogenous multi-disciplinary data dynamically with PLM-ERP Integration

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Kovair PLM-ALM Partnerships

PTC, Siemens, Aras & SAP

Kovair Software has a strategic partnership agreement with—leading players in PLM & ERP industry like PTC, Siemens, Aras & SAP.

Kovair with its significant experience in the ALM (application lifecycle management) domain and with its robust range of products such as ALM Studio, Omnibus Integrations, DevOps, Data Lake is entering the growing domain of ALM PLM integrations and implementations.

The partnership with Kovair will help our partners to obtain significant number of benefits. Kovair already has a vast integration portfolio for 110+ software Requirements, Development, Test, SCM, Release and Deployment Management as well as CRM and ITSM tools. The numbers are on the rise as more and more systems (both hardware and software) get introduced in the automotive, medical, and industrial markets.

Through the strategic partnership Kovair enters the PLM Services domain and will be providing Product Lifecycle Management consulting and implementation services to companies, using their flagship PLM platforms. This partnership entitles Kovair to offer discrete manufacturing companies a suite of PLM services that will also include Assessment Consulting, Green & Brown Field Implementations, Turn-key Integrations with a host of enterprise applications, Upgrades, Migrations, Customization and Support Services using their respective PLM product suite.


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