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What is Data Lake?

Data and analytics are the key drivers of business today. However, did you know that a large part of valuable data continues to remain untapped?

Some of the key reasons behind this are multiple sources of data accumulation but lack of adequate storage facilities to manage them. Data Lake simplifies the problem of storing structured data centrally.

A Data Lake is storage repository where you can store vast amount of data in its ASIS format. Data Lake is different from a traditional data warehouse. While information in a traditional database is arranged in hierarchical order, Kovair Data Lake is a central data base repository that uses a flat architecture instead of hierarchical structure to store data.

This protects data from unwanted manipulation, enabling businesses to take informed decisions accurately and building a better business to customer responsiveness.


Introducing Kovair Data Lake

Kovair Data Lake is a centralized data store built on SQL Server database. It is capable of storing data from multiple projects residing in diversified tools used by an organization. Kovair data lake is a system or repository of data stored in its natural format.

  • Data from tools can be extracted in two ways:
    – Through the Kovair Omnibus Extractors
    – Through Tool specific extractors
  • If the tools are integrated through Kovair Omnibus, then an Omnibus extractor can be used to pull the data from Omnibus central repository.
  • In case if the tools used are not integrated with Kovair Omnibus, then you can use individual tool extractors to directly pull the data from the tools based on the time stamp.
  • Kovair Data Lake also comes with a very intuitive UI interface for managing and monitoring of the Data Lake.

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Kovair Data Lake Portal

View data snapshots, manage Data Lake users, and keep track of license expiry dates and usage with Kovair Data Lake Web Portal.

Kovair Data Lake Portal offers you complete control of how you monitor and manage your Data Lake. Some of the top functionalities that you can do with Kovair Data Lake portal are as follows:

  • Overall view of the Data lake Health
  • Set up database and extractor connections
  • Manage license for connected extractors
  • Manage portal users (both external tool users and ADSI users)
  • Create data view model and model repository
  • Create data view model of types
    • History – For analysis on historical data,
    • Recent – Analysis on recent data
    • Self-Relation – Analysis on traceability between the items from same tool same project
    • Mapped Omnibus – Mapped means processed, it gives the user to perform analysis on the data getting synchronized by Omnibus
    • Unmapped Extractor- This model generates data based on a rule, where discrete data from multiple tools can be virtually linked based on rule of text match,
  • Use Dashboards to view data volume for each connected tool
  • Create Reports (Standard / Custom) for proper analysis and decision making

Kovair Data Lake Tool Extractors

Kovair Data Lake tool extractors are available in two types – Extractors and Omnibus Extractors.

  • Extractors
    Kovair Datalake extractors are Windows-based services built on Microsoft .net framework 4.6. These extractors can pull data from the tools, which are the core sources of data, and store the data inside the Data Lake. Each extractor is built for a specific tool version.
  • Omnibus Extractors
    Omnibus Extractors are Kovair platform specific Windows services applicable for data extraction from Kovair ALM and Omnibus to Data Lake.
    Omnibus can extract data from Omnibus as well as from ALM Platform based on the configuration.

Both Extractors and Omnibus Extractors are single extractors that can connect a Data Lake instance with multiple instances and projects belonging to the same tool. These are license based and come with annual-based subscriptions. In case of both, extractor licenses can be applied from Data Lake Portal only.

Available Extractors


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