Kovair 9.8 Release

Introduction to Release Notes

Kovair team is proud to announce the release of version 9.8 for all its products. The document throws a major light on some of the latest enhancements and new features that have been added to all the different products of Kovair in this version of release.
Download: Kovair 9.8 Release Note

Platform and Browser Support

This release supports the deployment of Kovair on Windows Server 2012 R2 and above. Release 9.8 applications can be accessed by the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox 54.0.1, and Internet Explorer 11.0.

New Features in Kovair ALM

OSLC Links ingrained in Kovair ALM

With the release of 9.8. Kovair announces full support for OSLC based linking of ALM items to Improve collaboration across lifecycle products and teams. In today’s smart world, connected products require direct linking between items across various lifecycle applications. To address these challenges, Kovair now includes built-in linking and tracing between its native life Cycle Items with other OSLC based application items. From Kovair ALM one can define the Friend Application and its relevant projects. Kovair OSLC interface allows the end-user to search and Link Items across OSLC connected tools. With this power of OSLC ingrained in Kovair ALM ; it allows end-users to establish bi-directional traceability between applications Jazz platform artifacts and Kovair work items. Kovair ALM can act as both OSLC provider and consumer. OSLC Links ingrained in Kovair

Clone Item with Nested Relationship and Relate

For an enterprise-level product, the work items are often required to be reused. The feature not only allows to copy an existing item with all its attributes but also offers copying related items. Thus, this new feature will allow the end-user to achieve the business goals quickly and easily by preventing users from retyping same thing and instead reuse existing items wherever applicable. Clone Item with Nested Relationship and Relate

Setup Dependency – Many to Many

In Release 9.8, Kovair ALM will support Setup Dependency on a relation having cardinality as Many to Many. Earlier Kovair ALM supported this feature for cardinality One to Many. Irrespective of the cardinality, users will be able to load relationship records of one relation based on the selection of the dependent relation. Setup Dependency – Many to Many Setup Dependency – Many to Many

Task Identification across Projects

Kovair ALM provides a facility to users for viewing all the pending tasks for him/her. In this release the project id has been appended to the task id which will help users to easily identify the project from where the task has been generated. Task Identification across Projects

Kovair Omnibus Adapters

Kovair Adapter for Cucumber

The Kovair Cucumber integration provides users to sync Feature files as well as their execution details to any other connected tools through Kovair omnibus integration platform. Users who had implemented Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with Cucumber in Eclipse IDE in their organization can easily add Feature files along with execution details. Moreover, users can easily execute the Feature files for a particular Cucumber project using Kovair integration without having to visit the Eclipse IDE. Key advantages of Kovair adapter for Cucumber:
  • Integration provides a seamless flow of data from Cucumber for acceptance test automation activities and artifacts into the Central ALM platform.
  • Feature files along with its execution details can be synced to Kovair.
  • Features files can easily be executed remotely from the Central ALM Platform without visiting the Eclipse IDE installed in a specific host.
  • Tag based execution of Features in the Cucumber project can be easily achieved from Central ALM Platform.

Kovair Adapter for Katalon

The Kovair Katalon Studio integration provides users to sync Katalon Studio Test Cases, Test Suites, Test Execution Results and Execution Results to Kovair or any other connected tools through Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. Users of Katalon Studio can add Test Cases along with Folder information. Once the information is pushed to Omnibus, the same information can be extracted from Katalon Studio through Kovair Omnibus Plug-in. Moreover, post execution Test Suites and Test Execution Results will flow from Katalon Studio to the connected tool. Key advantages of Kovair adapter for Katalon Studio:
  • Integration provides a seamless flow of data from Katalon for test automation activities and artifacts into the Central ALM platform.
  • Test Case along with its folder information can be synced to Kovair.
  • Test Suite, Test Execution Results and Execution Results can be synced from Katalon Studio.
  • Hosts and Environment related to Test Execution can be tracked easily after every execution.

Kovair Adapter for Salesforce

The Kovair Salesforce Adapter has been upgraded to support REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs exposed by Salesforce. Once integrated to the Salesforce application (also custom applications) using Kovair Omnibus platform, users will be able to connect their Salesforce application to various other on-premise or cloud-based applications like HelpDesk and Issue Management applications (JIRA, TFS, Remedy, ServiceNow). A bi-directional integration can be established with Salesforce entities like Account, Cases, and Tickets can be configured once Salesforce is hooked to the integrated tools ecosystem. Key advantages of Kovair adapter for Salesforce:
  • Supports processing of tickets and cases raised in Salesforce through automated workflows via Omnibus platform in other integrated tools like JIRA, TFS, Remedy, and others.
  • Supports direct event-based actions like Add, Delete and Edit for all entities through Omnibus.
  • Establishes bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and the other integrated tools.
  • Confirms bi-directional synchronization of Salesforce entities like Cases and Tickets with entities in other integrated tools.
  • Assists Support Team for enhanced customer service.
  • Integrates with HelpDesk and Issue Management applications, thus enhancing communication across teams.

Kovair Adapter for SharePoint

Kovair SharePoint Integration Adapter’, has been upgraded to support the REST APIS exposed by SharePoint. This adapter will allow tracking and processing of a variety of artifacts being stored and shared in SharePoint, thereby facilitating greater collaboration and enabling better visibility of artifacts maintained in SharePoint. It exposes Shared Document, Lists (custom defined) as entities from SharePoint, and enables them to be actively tracked and managed in the Kovair application. Kovair SharePoint Integration Adapter maintains a queue of local events triggered from SharePoint, and then forwards them to the Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform for processing. It also allows different tools connected to Kovair Omnibus; to trigger actions with the exposed entities, including creation and modification of these items in SharePoint. Such integration allows two-way communication between SharePoint and any other tool connected to Kovair Omnibus. Key advantages of Kovair adapter for SharePoint:
  • Exposes all SharePoint elements like Task, Calendar, Issue Type, Announcement and any Custom List.
  • Executes bi-directional synchronization of documents and tasks between SharePoint and other tools.
  • Automates actions on SharePoint integration items from other ALM and ITSM tools.
  • Tracks traceability relations between entities — both system and custom. Codeless integration with provision for dynamic mapping of fields.
  • Provides easy-to-use interface for initial and subsequent configurations of the integration environment.