Kovair 9.6.5 Release

Introduction to Release Notes

Kovair team is proud to announce the release of version 9.6.5 for all its products. The document throws a major light on some of the latest enhancements and the new features that have been added to all different products of Kovair in this version release.
Download: Kovair 9.6.5 Release Note

Platform and Browser Support

This release supports the deployment of Kovair on Windows Server 2008 R2 and above. Release 9.6.5 applications can be accessed by latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox 54.0.1, and Internet Explorer 11.0.

Kovair Omnibus

Platform Enhancements

Provision for Entity Mapping for Alternate Action

Prior to release 9.6.5, alternate action had always been dependent on the mapping selected during service flow. After this implementation, user can select the appropriate mapping for alternate action. For example, if Add/ Modify service flow is set for a separate field mapping, then in that case, the alternate action will only follow the field mapping that has been set for modifying the service flow. With this implementation, users will find it flexible to select any field mapping for alternate action.

New Adapters

Kovair Adapter for Dynatrace

‘Kovair Dynatrace Adapter’ allows one to integrate Dynatrace tool with best-of-breed ALM tools within Omnibus ecosystem. As a result of the integration, metrics monitored from Dynatrace tool can be traced and analyzed in Kovair or any analysis tool. This integration brings Kovair DevOps solution to capture application performance data as well as data related to network, containers, servers, hosts, cloud

Kovair Adapter for Microsoft Exchange Server

Kovair adapter for Microsoft Exchange Server helps to leverage the Omnibus architecture and facilitate collaboration in an enterprise IT environment. It is designed to keep track of the chain of mail flow that are sent, replied, received or forwarded from Microsoft Outlook and received at the client-side Microsoft Exchange Server, before being routed to the target destination client. With the help of the adapter, the tracked mails can be identified and retrieved as Events and can be synchronized across disparate ALM tools connected in an integrated setup. Integration of the Exchange Server with other ALM tools using the adapter facilitates entity and field mappings, which ensure full data flow across tools.

Kovair Adapter for UiPath

The Kovair adapter for UiPath, when integrated to the UiPath tool using Kovair Omnibus, enables users to keep track of the execution status of an automated process, the associated jobs triggered following the execution, and details about the Robot that has been assigned to do the job from a machine. When used the UiPath is integrated with Kovair ALM, users can keep trace of the number of jobs that has been successfully executed and the number of jobs that have failed upon execution — as these get automatically synced with Kovair ALM when configured. These data can be used for creation of reports that can be shared with respective stakeholders based on their roles and responsibilities.

Kovair Adapter for Docker

Kovair adapter for Docker simplifies application deployment and delivery by exposing data of related artefacts from Docker, which can be monitored, utilized for report generation, and managing the continuous delivery pipeline. Images, Containers, Volumes, and Network are the entities that can be exposed from the Docker with the help of the Kovair adapter.

Kovair ALM

New Features

Capacity and Demand Management

Enterprise project management empowers organizations to take a more strategic approach in budget, operations and resource allocation process. It is a specialized branch of traditional project management that focuses on an organization’s overall business objectives, rather than very specific short-term goals. Kovair’s Capacity and Demand Management capability is an integrated solution that helps project managers to connect their strategies to projects and results by bringing together budgets, forecasts, schedules, resources, and actuals.

Kovair’s Capacity and Demand Management capability enables project managers to:

  • Raise demands for resource allocation based on project requirement. Raise demands for resource allocation based on project requirement.
  • Manage available capacity or resources within an organization. Manage available capacity or resources within an organization
  • Manage demands raised against available capacity.
  • Monitor and track proper utilization of resources. Monitor and track proper utilization of resources
  • Enabling Mail Notifications During Login Failure

    This is a new feature introduced in release 9.6.5. The ALM Admin or for that matter any concerned user will receive email notification, if there is any login failure to ALM. You can view the features in Site Settings Page.

    Enabling Mail Notifications During Login Failure