Kovair 11.2 Release

Introduction to Release Notes

Kovair is proud to announce the release of version 11.2 for the products ALM and Omnibus during winter 2023. The document throws a major light on some of the latest enhancements and new features that have been added to stated products of Kovair in this version of release.

Platform and Browser Support

This release supports the deployment of Kovair on Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 R2 / 2012 R2 / 2016/2019/2022.
Release 11.2 can be best viewed in latest versions of Google Chrome version 119.0.6045.160 and above. The application is also supported in Microsoft Edge version 119.0.2151.93.

Kovair Omnibus

Scheduled Upgrades

IBM Jazz

IBM Jazz iconJazz is IBM’s initiative to transform software and systems delivery by improving collaboration and productivity across the lifecycle. An upgraded version (from the previously supported version 6.0.6) of the Kovair OSLC adapter for Jazz (7.0.2) is introduced with this 11.2 Release. It supports linking from IBM Jazz to external tools like MF ALM, Jira, MF ALM. and to add or modify directly from the Kovair OSLC adapter interface without having to navigate to the target tool.

Omnibus Configuration Replication

Kovair 11.2 Release introduces the functionality of replicating Omnibus configuration details into the new Kovair Workspace that is created by inheriting an existing workspace using the ‘Workspace Import’ functionality. Earlier the ‘Workspace Import’ functionality was used to copy the ALM specific configuration details from the source to the new Workspace. But in this upcoming Release, along with ALM configuration, if the source Workspace contains any Omnibus configurations, it will also be copied over to the newly created Workspace.

New Features in Kovair ALM and PPM

Email Integration to support OAuth2.0 Authentication.

The Kovair ALM email integration has been enhanced to support ‘OAuth2.0’ authorization to authenticate for accessing the email contents.
The Site Admin can now configure the Email Import using the Oath 2.0 authorization. This is additional functionality along with IMAP. With this new authorization of connecting Mail servers having Oath 2.0.

Company, Project & User Calendar

In Kovair ALM application, at the Site level the Company Calendar has been redesigned to provide a new user interface, additional functionality and better usability. The new calendar interface at the Company level allows to set Organization level weekends, holidays, and exceptions in a more structured manner. The same will cascade to the Project and User calendar with the provision for override. Overall, the Calendar interface now provides a more attractive interface for the administrators to work on it with extended insights.

Introduction of System Defined Project Metrics Dashboards

Two new system defined dashboards called the ‘Project Metrics Dashboard for Managers’ and ‘Timesheet User Dashboard’ have been introduced in Kovair Project Management, enabling the Project Managers and Project users to be equipped with more insightful data metrics about the Projects they are working. These dashboards contain varied metrics reflecting the Project utilization in terms of task and user assignments. Additionally, the task completion status, period-wise task completion, resource-wise overdue tasks, and upcoming deadlines, etc. are all visible from one single visibility, thereby facilitating improved decision making and monitoring projects progress.

Introduction of Resource Workload & Allocation Percentage Reports

Kovair 11.2 Release introduces a ‘Resource Metrics’ menu group to show the resource availability metrics for improved resource management. Under this menu group, two menus as ‘Resource Workload’ and ‘Resource Allocation%’ are added.
  • The ‘Resource Workload’ Report displays all the Site user’s Allocated/Over Allocated/Under Allocated Workload on a day-by-day basis, for the selected calendar month, as per the ‘standard working hours’ defined in the ‘Company Calendar’.
  • The ‘Resource Allocation%’ Report now provides a consolidated view of the Planned Allocated percentage and Actual Allocated percentage for a particular period, of all the Site users who are working on any Project(s). By default, the past one month’s data is now fetched in the generated Report view.

Standard and Custom Reports

The ‘Report’ menu is now a menu group item, and it has been bifurcated into two sub-menus – ‘Standard Reports’ & ‘Custom Reports’, to enable a user in Kovair ALM to clearly understand what are available as System defined Reports and what have been configured as user defined Reports.
  • The ‘Standard Reports’ will now show all the pre-defined Reports, which were earlier displayed as ‘Template’ Reports.
  • The ‘Custom Reports’ will show all the Reports other than the template or standard Reports.

Google Drive or OneDrive files support

Be productive and stay connected to your cloud files and attachments with this latest Kovair ALM enhancement continuing to use Google Drive or OneDrive file(s) for attachment(s) with the latest security for authentication.

Distinguish the Modes in Kovair ALM by appropriately renaming Menu Groups

An attempt has been made in Release 11.2 to clearly distinguish the two modes in Kovair ALM application – Workspace Setup and Site Setup. Menu Groups, Menu Items and Tab labels have been renamed more precisely to clearly reflect this distinction. The changes that have been introduced are as follows.
  • When an ALM Site Admin clicks on the ‘Site Setup’ option, the user menu and user tab will be displayed as ‘Site Users’ and ‘List: Site Users’ respectively.
  • Similarly, when a Workspace user clicks on the ‘Workspace Setup’ option, the menu and tab will be shown as ‘Workspace Users’ and ‘List: Workspace Users’ respectively.
An ALM user can have access to all the three modes in the Kovair ALM application – End User, Workspace Setup and Site Setup. With this new incepted functionality, a user can now clearly distinguish which mode he / she is currently working in and switch from on to another without getting confused about the mode he / he is currently working in.

Navigation to the Portfolio Level and New Landing Page at Portfolio level

Kovair PPM users will now be able to navigate to the Portfolio level by clicking on the newly introduced Portfolio icon icon located at the top bar above the left panel menu. This icon replaces the previous user User icon icon.

Timesheet Page Highlighting Non-Working days

In Release 11.2, the Timesheet pages have been enhanced to clearly distinguish the working days from the non-working days for a user. A grey colored background will be displayed in the ‘My Timesheet’/ ‘Others Timesheet’ pages, clearly depicting the non-working days (e.g., Company Leaves or user applied Full Day or Half Day Leaves) for the particular user (for the logged in user in ‘My Timesheet’ page, and the selected user in ‘Others Timesheet’ page) for the selected week period.

Auto Updation of Milestones Based on its Predecessors from Task Scheduler

If Milestones are defined in a ‘Task Scheduler’ and it is set as a successor of another WBS item, then on completion of the predecessor Task, the following actions will be automatically done by the system:
  • The Milestone record will be updated to ‘Completed’ status.
  • The ‘Actual Start Date’ field of the Milestone will be automatically updated by the ‘Actual Start Date’ of the predecessor Task.
  • The ‘Actual Finish Date’ field of the Milestone will be automatically updated by the ‘Actual Finish Date’ of the predecessor Task.

UX Improvements

A more pleasant user experience is now delivered by enhancing the application appearance and usability. With this 11.2 Release, the entire look and feel of the user interface has been redesigned to improve the navigation and data visibility with brand new theme colors, icons, and font color changes. Applicable buttons and fonts have been visually edited/darkened for a clear visibility throughout the Kovair ALM application across all themes. You can set your preferred theme out of the provided themes.