Kovair 10.8 Release

Introduction to Release Notes

Kovair team is proud to announce the release of version 10.8 for all its products. The document throws a major light on some of the latest enhancements and new features that have been added to all the different products of Kovair in this version of release.

Platform and Browser Support

This release supports the deployment of Kovair on Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 R2/ 2016/2019.
Release 10.8 can be best viewed in latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Kovair Omnibus

Kovair Adapter for Remedyforce Winter 21

BMC Remedyforce brings Operations Management into the ecosystem of Supporting and Fixing incidents. The Kovair adapter for Remedyforce elevates the organization to achieve bi-directional synchronization of incidents and helps the IT Help Desk to resolve incidents efficiently including other departments and their tools using Omnibus.

Kovair Adapter for SharePoint

Kovair SharePoint Integration Adapter is designed to allow tracking and processing of a variety of artifacts being stored and shared in SharePoint, thereby facilitating a greater collaboration, and enabling better visibility of artifacts maintained in SharePoint. It exposes Shared Documents, Lists (custom defined) as entities from SharePoint, and enables them to be actively tracked and managed in the Kovair application.

Kovair Adapter for Bamboo

Kovair Adapter for Bamboo helps to achieve an integration scenario between Bamboo and other ALM tools. The primary feature of the adapter is to execute Bamboo Jobs remotely from Kovair platform. Moreover, Bamboo has a Built-in support for deployment Projects and Test Automation. Thus, with Kovair integration platform in-place, it creates a perfect deployment environment.

Kovair Adapter for SonarQube

Kovair SonarQube Integration Adapter provides the power of querying, extracting all the vital parameters, metrics, Issues, and logs from SonarQube and push to the Omnibus platform to have a consolidated picture of the code quality at any point of time.

Kovair Adapter for Teamcenter

Kovair Integration Adapter for Teamcenter helps in solving several integration scenarios between Teamcenter and other enterprise applications where Bill of Material (BOM) transformation and management happen across the enterprise. Also, the telling need of multi-level BOM report generation and management is enabled. The adapter supports all the key artefacts like Part, Document, Requirement, Change Notice and BOM Report along with their plethora of system and custom attributes and its dynamic updates.

Kovair Adapter for ARAS

Kovair Aras Innovator Adapter integrates the Innovator tool with the best of breed ALM tools, thereby enabling ALM users to track inherent PLM components namely PR (Problem Request), ECR (Engineering Change Request), ECN (Engineering Change Notice) from within the ALM tool Itself. Kovair Omnibus Integration Adapter for Aras Innovator is a SOA based adapter that integrates and establishes two-way communications between Kovair Omnibus Platform with Aras Innovator and connected ALM tools.

Kovair Adapter for HCL AppScan Cloud

AppScan on Cloud helps you remediate vulnerabilities from applications before the applications are deployed into production. Convenient, detailed reporting permits you to effectively address application security risk, enabling application users to benefit from a more secure experience. The Kovair Omnibus Adapter for HCL AppScan Cloud helps reduce organizational risks by rapidly identifying and remediating application vulnerabilities in every phase of the development cycle.

Kovair Adapter for GitLab

Kovair Adapter for GitLab helps enrich the workflows in the ALM ecosystem and boost productivity for the entire DevOps chain. It supports the integration of GitLab with multiple tools in the ALM and DevOps ecosystem.
The adapter helps bridge the gap between multiple teams by bi-directionally flowing issues from GitLab to separate purpose-built tools. As the issue is present in both the systems, it becomes easier to keep the information up to date in a seamless manner.

Kovair Adapter for Micro Focus ALM

Kovair Adapter for Micro Focus ALM helps to extend the capabilities of the Microfocus ALM tool to other ALM tools used in an integration setup, thereby providing comprehensive end-to-end control of the data flow and syncing capabilities from the source tool to the target tool.

Kovair Adapter for Jira Test Management Cloud

Kovair Adapter for Jira Test Management Cloud helps to achieve an integration scenario between JIRA Test Management and other ALM tools, thereby enabling teams to manage their issues throughout the entire lifecycle.
Its primary objective is to enable teams manage and Test details. The Kovair adapter can help to fetch data from JIRA Cloud-related entities like Bugs, Epics, New Feature, Story, Improvements, Sub Task, Task, Custom Entities, Sprint, and Issue, as well as JIRA Test Management entities like Test Case, Test Step, Test Plan, Cycle, Test Run.

Kovair Adapter for ServiceNow Quebec

Kovair ServiceNow Quebec adapter provides best services to customer and encourages best practices in managing all services as a business through its cloud based ITSM application like Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management etc.

Kovair Adapter for Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a Version Control solution developed by Atlassian, providing access restriction to the source code and project workflows. It also provides repositories and supports continuous integration. With Kovair Bitbucket adapter, users can clone the git repository for integrating the post-delivery changes. Through integration with Kovair, entities like commits, file and file version get associated with Git branches which eventually generate branch File, File version, commit records.

Kovair Adapter for Cameo

Cameo Systems Modeler is a collaborative Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) environment, which provides smart, robust, and intuitive tools to define, track, and visualize all aspects of systems in the most standard-compliant SysML models and diagrams. Through Kovair Cameo adapter, users can sync System stereotypes like Requirement, Business Requirement, Block, Instance Specification and Custom stereotype as well from Cameo to any other tool.

Kovair Adapter for VSTS 2017 and 2019

VSTS includes software development, collaboration, measurement and reporting tools that fall broadly into server-side and client-side applications. Using Kovair VSTS 2017 plug-in and adapter, users can flow VSTS files, related Classes and methods to any target tool and can have end-to-end tracking of the entire flow.

Kovair Adapter for Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It helps your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams to work as one without a location constraint. It’s an easy-to-use and powerful tool to help you grow your business. Using Kovair Salesforce Lightning adapter, users can sync all systems (for example, Account, Case) and custom entities and their respective fields from Salesforce to any other tool using Omnibus integration. Thereby, providing comprehensive end-to-end control of the data flow and syncing capabilities.

Kovair Adapter for JUnit

JUnit is an open-source unit testing framework, highly efficient in the development of test-driven development. Using the Kovair JUnit plug-in and adapter and omnibus integration, users can flow JUnit files and related Test Cases to any target tool and can have end-to-end tracking of entire flow.

New Features in Kovair ALM

Enhanced Task Schedular with Auto population of Planned Duration

Kovair 10.8 introduces a new enhancement in Task Scheduler where the system will auto-calculate and show the planned duration of a WBS item, based on the percentage of units allocated to each resource assigned for the particular WBS item.
Task Schedular with Auto population

Empowering Timesheet User for Modifying Calendar

With the launch of Kovair 10.8, Timesheet users will have the privilege of editing their own calendar. A new option named “Can Edit Own Calendar” has been added under the Access Rights section of Site Users. Upon enabling this option, the selected user will be able to edit his or her own calendar. This is beneficial when the users apply for leaves through the My Calendar interface.
Empowering Timesheet User for Modifying Calendar

Auto Scavenging of Deleted Items

Currently, all deleted Entity Records remain stored in the database until the Site Administrator deletes them manually one by one or through bulk delete. The current setting has several discrepancies. With the new enhancement introduced in Kovair 10.8, the deleted records can be permanently deleted from the database based on Site Administrator input. At the Site Setting interface, Site Administrator can set the number of days in the newly introduced “Permanent Delete Interval” field to purge the items permanently from the database automatically.
Auto Scavenging of Deleted Items

Excel export of Resource Availability

Kovair 10.8 introduces a functionality to export Resource Availability page data in xlsx format. Clicking on the newly introduced Resource Availability icon icon will export the data to your local machine.
Excel export of Resource Availability

Enhanced Rich Text Editor with Spell Check

From Kovair 10.8 onwards, users will be able to perform offline spell check on Rich Text fields of a record in Add and Edit mode and in Task Parent field Section.
Rich Text Editor with Spell Check

Enable Download Documents from Document folder

With the latest Kovair 10.8 release, a new context menu named “Download All Documents” has been introduced. This enhancement allows users to download all documents under a specific folder in one go. The documents are downloaded in a zipped format. The “Download All Documents” feature is applicable only on the selected folder. It will not download documents from the nested folders.
Download Documents from Document folder

Multi Edit allowing Null Values for Batch Update

In Kovair 10.8, users can set null values for non-mandatory fields, corresponding to selected records. With this feature, a checkbox named “Set NULL” has been introduced for each field. If you want to set the value for a particular field as null, then you have to check the “Set NULL” checkbox. In addition, if you set a value for a field and click on the “Set NULL” checkbox, the actual value become NULL.
allowing Null Values for Batch Update

Provision to customize items in the “Sleek Bar”

With the Kovair 10.8 release, users now have the flexibility to customize the items available in the Sleek Bar. This implementation will allow the workspace admin to retain only those Sleek Bar items that are required. This configuration can be done from “Customized Menu” of the Access Group for the intended workspace users belonging to the particular workspace.

Switching ON/OFF Sleek Bar based on Access

Currently, there is no option to disable action item icons like Edit, Delete, Add Attachment, Add Comment, Process Diagram and Change History from the Entity List. With Kovair 10.8, workspace admin has the flexibility to configure all items that are required. This configuration can be done from “Customized Menu” of the Access Group for the intended workspace users belonging to the same. The disabled action item icons will disappear, allowing the enabled action item icons to take their place.
Switching ON/OFF Sleek Bar based on Access Switching ON/OFF Sleek Bar based on Access

Customized Context Menu for ON/OFF

With the latest Kovair 10.8 release, new context menus are added. The newly added context menus can be configured from the “Access Group” customized menu page. The new context menus are — ‘Change History’, ‘Relate To’, ‘Version Diagram’, ‘Relation Diagram’, ‘Process Diagram’, ‘Attach Diagram’, ‘Analyze Impact’, ‘Impacted Records’, ‘Add To Baseline’, ‘Notify To’.

Enhanced Grid field in Parent Fields with inline edit

This feature allows users to add or edit any editable field directly on the same page instead of clicking on the ‘Edit’ button that would eventually take them to another page for editing a field value. So, when a user clicks the ‘+’ icon, a blank row will get added in the grid section.

Provision to archive all Comments, Attachments, and relationships for Item Archival

This implementation allows users of Kovair to archive records including fields, attachments, comments and relationships in the ‘Kovair Docs’ path. The archived record will be available as html files and is shareable. This is extremely important for Medical Companies to maintain all the comments and attachments against a record.

Allowing move folder over Folder tree

Currently, to move a folder from bottom to top, a user needs to drag it several times. With the release of Kovair 10.8, ‘Move to Folder’ option has been introduced which is available upon right clicking on any folder. The primary objective is to have simplified movement of files between folders, similar to Windows Explorer.

Controlling Access during LDAP User Import

With the release of Kovair 10.8, ‘Can View Omnibus Configuration’ access right option has been introduced. With this feature, the users getting imported in ALM through LDAP are granted default access to view the Omnibus configuration, thus relieving the site admin of providing access to each user manually. The new implementation will enable the ‘Can View Omnibus Configuration’ access right by default when the users are imported through LDAP. The interface will have an option to set it ON or OFF.
Controlling Access during LDAP User Import

Provision to view Omnibus Configuration for all users

In Kovair 10.8, new users that are created will have the ‘Can View Omnibus Configuration’ access right enabled by default. This will reduce the manual steps and when any new user is created, we would not have to do manual job of assigning access rights.

Provision to skip setting of default value for Grid Field at Definition Level

Earlier to this release it was compulsory to provide a default value when a mandatory column is created at the definition level of Grid. With Kovair 10.8, an ALM user having workspace admin access may or may not provide a default value for a mandatory column.

Provision to add new users with default access group of the workspace

With Kovair 10.8, users will now get an option in the Access Group list page to “Set an Access Group to default for workspace”. With this new enhancement, users getting assigned to a particular workspace will inherit the default access group of that workspace, by default.

Provision to change attributes from the publish Workflow

Prior to Kovair 10.8 release, a published workflow did not allow any change in the attributes at the Activity Node. With this release, the workspace admin can change the attributes of the Activity nodes for a published process. Thus, it brings quick implementation of the changed Workflow to production.

Facility to expose fields of Related-entities (One-side relation) & Tasks in the Views / Filter

With Kovair 10.8 release, a new feature has been introduced where users can group the Related Entities for a one-sided relation field so that items appear in a group. This allows users to view and export data in the excel for analytical purpose.

Feature to export all the comments of a record

This is a new way of extracting all the comments to an offline CSV file for further processing. This imports all associated comments for the given item.