Kovair 10.6 Release

Introduction to Release Notes

Kovair team is proud to announce the release of version 10.6 for all its products. The document throws a major light on some of the latest enhancements and new features that have been added to all the different products of Kovair in this version of release.

Platform and Browser Support

This release supports the deployment of Kovair on Windows Server 2008 R2 and above.
Release 10.6 can be best viewed in latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer Edge and Firefox.

Kovair Omnibus

Kovair Adapter for JILE

Kovair Adapter for JILE provides full scope of collaboration between multiple teams. When each team has the comfort of using the tools of their choice, greater efficiency and productivity can be achieved. Kovair JILE adapter supports bidirectional flow of data between JILE and other connected tools.

Kovair Adapter for Veracode

Kovair Adapter for Veracode allows you to maximize the benefits of static and dynamic security testing for your application by collaborating the Security Test Result.

Kovair Adapter for Teamcenter

Kovair Adapter for Teamcenter helps in solving several integration scenarios between Teamcenter and other enterprise applications where Bill of Material (BOM) transformation and management happens across the enterprise.

New Features in Kovair ALM

Automatic validate user in ALM against AD through LDAP

ALM Users imported from LDAP are periodically checked for their Activation at AD. As a result, the ALM users are deactivated manually or automatically based on the Configuration as soon as they are deactivated from AD.

Auto initiation of Task Status based on user timesheet feed

Through this implementation, the task status is auto changed to “In Progress” or “Not Started” based on time entry. There are two primary conditions –
  1. For a new task which has the status “Not Started”, the status is automatically changed to “In Progress” after a successful time entry.
    Task is Not Started Task is “Not Started”
    Task auto updated to In Progress after Time Entry Task auto updated to “In Progress” after Time Entry
  2. When all time entries for a particular task is deleted, the status for the task changes from “In Progress” to “Not Started”.

Switching On/Off Capacity & Demand Feature from Site Setting

With the latest Kovair 10.6 release, users have the option to check or uncheck the “Use Capacity and Demand Management” feature at the Site level. Based on the selection at the Site level, the “Use Capacity and Demand Management” feature remains checked or unchecked by default during project creation.
Use Capacity and Demand Management

Provision for changing timesheet status to submitted by approver

From Release 10.6, Kovair introduces a new feature in My Timesheet. A new interface for timesheet approver has been introduced to reset the timesheet status. This would eliminate the risk of approving or rejecting a timesheet by mistake.
My Timesheet

Inclusion of Single Parameter Dashboard in Project Portfolio Management level

In ALM, for PPM level dashboard users can do additional filtering on qualified record(s) which are included in dashboard for supporting cross entity. This additional filtering applies to the gadgets based on report for Site level Entity and Predefined Report at PPM level.
Single Parameter Dashboard in Project Portfolio Management

Provision for Timesheet approver to make comments on submitted timesheet

With this release, a new placeholder called User Comments has been added, which would show the comments entered by the Timesheet user against the corresponding submitted time entry. In addition, under the Approve by Week tab, a new placeholder called Approver Comments has been added where approvers should be able to add a comment during approval or rejection.
make comments on submitted timesheet
make comments on submitted timesheet

Enabling of Multi-Edit in Project Portfolio Management Level Entities

Kovair 10.6 introduces the header icon “Multi-Edit” in PPM entity list page. Upon clicking the icon, a new tab is displayed where users can perform multiple operations on multiple entity items simultaneously. User can also double click over each cell for inline editing. Inline editing of values is only for fields which are editable.
Enabling of Multi-Edit
Enabling of Multi-Edit

Enabling of Document type Entity in Project Portfolio Management

With this enhancement, users will be able to create Document type entity and explore all its functionality at the PPM level.
Enabling of Document type Entity
Enabling of Document type Entity

Excel import – Import data through copy from clipboard

Using this enhancement, records from unstructured excel data is copied in clipboard. The copied excel data can be edited, parsed against proper parsing format, date and date-time format before being imported.
Excel import - Import data through copy from clipboard
Excel import - Import data through copy from clipboard

Provision for External Archival

This enhancement is primarily targeted towards industries where huge data in terms of change history and logs need to be archived externally. During audits, auditors might want to see data which are several years old. In such situations, it gets difficult to maintain the data in change history within the same database, as it will degrade the performance. To cater to such problems, the data needs to be archived in file system, and user should be able to access it as and when required.
Provision for External Archival

Expose Password field at Policy as the Email action

This implementation introduces a Source Email Field in the User Policy Level. Whenever a new ALM user is assigned to a new workspace, a mail gets triggered to the default email id of the user with his username and password.
Expose Password field at Policy as the Email action

Introduction of Project Health Report by Milestone

This will be a portfolio level report. This report will populate data only if users define Milestones in their project plan and the plan has been baselined. This report will compare the latest status of the milestones defined in the plan with status of those milestones in the last defined baseline.
Introduction of Project Health Report by Milestone