Kovair 10.5 Release

Introduction to Release Notes

Kovair team is proud to announce the release of version 10.5 for all its products. The document throws a major light on some of the latest enhancements and new features that have been added to all the different products of Kovair in this version of release.

Platform and Browser Support

This release supports the deployment of Kovair on Windows Server 2008 R2 and above.
Release 10.5 can be best viewed in latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer Edge and Firefox.

Kovair Omnibus

Kovair Adapter for TortoiseHg

Kovair Adapter for TortoiseHg integration is one-way integration where data flows from TortoiseHg to Omnibus. All information about File, File version and Changeset can be pushed through Kovair Omnibus to any other connected tool.

Kovair Adapter for CA Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)

Kovair Adapter for Clarity PPM allows bidirectional flow of data among the connected tools in Omnibus ecosystem. The adapter supports exposing the primary artefacts like Project, Risk, Issue and Task.

Kovair Adapter for Microsoft Azure DevOps

Kovair Adapter for Microsoft Azure DevOps allows bi-directional synchronization of work items like requirements, user stories, tasks, defects and tests. The adapter is designed to work with both cloud (Azure DevOps – formerly VSTS) as well as local (Azure DevOps Server – formerly TFS).

Kovair Adapter for Digite SwiftKanban

Kovair Adapter for SwiftKanban allows bi-directional synchronization with Digite SwiftKanban and other development tools like Team Foundation Server or JIRA provides real-time visibility into development progress for the required top-level requirements, moreover, product teams will be able to link all user stories, task and test cases associated with the top-level requirement.

Kovair Adapter for ServiceNow Agile

The Kovair Adapter for ServiceNow allows bi-directional synchronization with ServiceNow and other development tools provides the collaboration between the customer service and development teams. This, in turn, reduces the turnaround time for customer issues, by providing real-time update of the status to both internal engineering and customer support teams.

Kovair Omnibus Registration Tracker

Email notification for registered adapters in Omnibus platform in case of any unprecedented issue. Users can set more than one email id. Omnibus administrators can set tracker running interval and can specify hours of inactivity in config file.

Omnibus Relationship Mapping List Sorted by Relationship Name

In omnibus configuration, now user will see relationship mapping sorted by relation name.
relationship mapping sorted by relation name

New Features in Kovair ALM Studio

Change of Application UI

The new and improved user interface for Kovair ALM. This revamped user interface will help users retrieve information faster and complete tasks quickly and efficiently.
Application Login
Application UI

Elimination of Flash from Process, Version and Relation Diagram

With the obsolescence of Flash just around the corner, Kovair 10.5 now ports the existing Process, Version and Relation Diagrams to the latest HTML5 control.
Version and Relation Diagram

Separate Interface on Entity / Tasks Policy Failure

Kovair 10.5 introduces a new Menu item called “Policy Execution Errors”, where Admins can view all the failed policies and their details. This interface lists out all the policies that have failed during execution and the reason behind their failure.
Policy Execution Errors

Auto loading of tasks in Timesheet page

From Release 10.5, Kovair introduces a new feature in My Timesheet. If the current week has no time entry, then the open tasks from the previous week will be autoloaded in the current week. In case the previous week has no time entry then top 10 tasks (based on task Id) will be loaded in the My Timesheet Page.
new feature in My Timesheet.

Restricting End-users from making changes in the Public Views and Filters from End-user pages

With Release 10.5, a new interface has been incorporated to restrict access on Views & Filters. Users can now create View & Filter, also provide the detailed access rights of View, Edit & Delete of that object.
Public Views and Filters from End-user pages

Configured Workspace to Convert as Template

With this release, project templates can be created from scratch or any existing project. These templates can be used for creation of future projects by users.
Configured Workspace to Convert as Template

Automatic notifications for Stopped Kovair Services

Kovair 10.5 introduces a tracker service, responsible for identifying all stopped services and restarting them. Automatic notifications are also generated and sent to different stakeholders as per the configuration..

Introduction of Sub Workspace as a Section

With this enhancement, users will be able to see the sub projects created against a project from the parent project.
Sub Workspace as a Section

Restrict Filter Deletion from ALM for Dependency Checking

With the release of Kovair 10.5, users will have a restriction while deleting any associated or linked filter. In addition, a dialog box appears, where users can get additional information about the detailed references.
ALM for Dependency Checking

PPM Level Timesheet

Kovair 10.5 allows users to fill up their Timesheet at PPM level. Earlier, Timesheet was available only at the Workspace or Project level.
PPM Level Timesheet

Expose Freeze fields option for Site level entities

Kovair 10.5 allows PPM users to “Freeze” or “Un-Freeze” entity records at the Site level. A user who freezes the record has the right to unfreeze it.

Traceability Report creation in PPM level

In Kovair 10.5, users can create a Traceability report in the PPM level.
Traceability Report creation in PPM level

“Create Workspace” context menu will be appearing in Entity record based on PPM Hierarchy

Kovair 10.5 introduces a new menu “Create Sub Workspace” from an entity record. Upon creating a sub-workspace, a new workspace will get created under the current workspace, the user is in and the record will get linked with the newly created sub workspace. A sub workspace cannot be created from another sub workspace.
Entity record based on PPM Hierarchy

Display and Saving of PPM Hierarchy

This release will provide users the flexibility of configuring the portfolio hierarchy for managing the end to end traceability.

Introduction to Project Calendar

Working hours of resources depends on 3 different factors vis-à-vis Organizational Calendar, User Calendar and Project Calendar. Before this release, Kovair had support for both Organizational and User Calendar. This release will also allow organizations to define Project level calendar and manage working hours of resources based on the schedule of the project in which the resource is working.
Project Calendar

Assign User Functionality

Kovair 10.5 extends the scope to assign User functionality in site level entity, based on PPM hierarchy.
Assign User Functionality

Pre-Defined Reports for PPM Dashboard

Kovair 10.5 introduces 5 new predefined reports at the PPM level. The newly introduced reports are:
  • Open Task Count: This report depicts the percentage count of tasks that are still in the process of accomplishment (status “Open”) and tasks that were successfully completed (status “Closed”) against each project.
  • Project Health Report: This report shows the progress of each project against the project plan i.e. whether it is on time/Ahead/Delayed, and the completion percentage.
  • User Assignment Report: This report shows the user availability for a time frame.
  • Project wise total time spent: This report displays the overall total hours spent on each project. It can be further narrowed down with the use of Filters.
  • Resource Allocation by task hours: This report displays the number of allocated and non-allocated resources for each project.