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Idea behind using Kanban is to help teams streamline the flow of To-Do items by pulling them individually as Cards on a Board, based on demand.

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What is Kanban?

Kanban is a simple and yet effective way of increasing software throughput. Designed to help teams work effectively together, it is used as a scheduling system to decide the what, when, and how to efficiently go ahead with the production process in an organization.

The idea behind using Kanban is to help teams streamline the flow of To-Do items by pulling them individually as Cards on a Board, based on customer demand and available capacity. As a result, potential bottlenecks in the process could be identified faster, making work cost-effective.

The origin of Kanban is from the Japanese auto assembly lines where “the just in time” manufacturing process of delivering components to the assembly line when it was ready for the assembly is followed. This avoids any accumulation of inventory in the manufacturing area and moves the assembly in a timely and efficient manner.

Agile Kanban

Kovair Kanban

Kanban is a comprehensive visual management tool that can help IT or software organizations enhance their collaborative work effort through the process of visualizing, analysing and optimizing the list of work assigned to team members.

Software development in line with Kovair Kanban method helps to improve the overall business processes, deliver better quality products and services to customers.

Kovair Kanban

Figure: Kovair Kanban Board

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Value Proposition of Kovair Kanban

  • Limited Work in progress (WIP): Kovair emphasizes a quick and steady flow of work by breaking the work into the smallest units and working on each of them individually. Hence, work in Kovair Kanban is pulled and assigned based on the capacity that is available in each phase. By restricting the Work in Progress, Kovair Kanban helps to prevent any kind of unnecessary delay in the workflow execution.
  • Granular Point of View for Better Monitoring: With Kovair, the workflows can be monitored easily through each phase of the development process. That is because Kovair Kanban offers a granular point of view at each stage of the work process. It eliminates the need of manual handoffs and makes monitoring of the work process smarter and effective.
  • Ongoing Process to Incremental Changes: Kovair Kanban encourages change in continuous, small, evolutionary, and incremental steps to ensure less impact. As a result, it speeds up the entire development process, making it less error-prone.
  • Improves Team Spirit and Better Management: Kovair offers a collaborative platform to discuss and brainstorm on issues and risks faced by team members. This helps to clarify how processes work and how tasks are actually managed. In addition, Kovair Kanban also helps to increase possibility and motivation of team members to develop self-governance capability.
  • Reports and Metrics that Increase Predictability: Kovair helps to increase an organization’s predictability by providing several types of Kanban reports that are created using real-time data metrics.

Basic Functionality

  • Single Virtual Board Interface that makes monitoring of the work progress easier.
  • Codeless point and click configuration for configuring a new Kanban Board.
  • Real-time collaboration with team members.
  • Intuitive Interface that makes work easier using mouse clicks.
  • Define Swimlanes to manage and optimize the workflow.
  • Prevent bottlenecks by limiting work in progress (WIP).
  • Receive and visualize continuous feedback from the stakeholders
  • Monitor the present state of the entire work in terms of Cards, through several distribution reports on their Status, Type, Priority, Class of Service etc. for a specific time.
  • Track the useful metrics like Wait Time, Block Time, Cycle Time of individual work or Card to investigate on the bottlenecks
  • Measure Cycle Time using cumulative flow diagram (CFD)

Kovair Kanban delivers better quality products and services to customers

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