Kovair Intelligent DevOps

What is Kovair Intelligent DevOps

Kovair Intelligent DevOps is an enterprise solution simplifying and automating execution and monitoring real time metrics. This is achieved with seamless integration of the best of the breed tools in development, build, test and deployment cycles to enable a one click execution.

Kovair integrates DevOps methodology with ALM tools – from requirement or agile development to production deployment.

Leverage DevOps Benefits with Kovair

Kovair DevOps Benefits

In an agile environment, business analysts, coders, testers and PMOs all must work together to meet frequent iterations, release, and delivery goals.

Kovair facilitates Agile and DevOps initiative by providing seamless integrations between best of the breed Agile, ALM, PPM, and ITSM tools.

Whether your agile team wants to ensure continuous and quality delivery or accelerate deployment for rapid production, our multi-tools integrations support helps you achieve efficiency at scale.
Kovair DevOps Solution

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Omnibus Integrations Supporting DevOps

Kovair’s integration hub – Omnibus connects to 80+ multi-vendor, legacy, Open Source, and homegrown tools that are frequently used by Agile development teams.

Kovair Intelligent DevOps

What Kovair Intelligent DevOps Solution Offers

  • Real-time collaboration between development, delivery, and operations tools
  • Clear management visibility with total metrics and drill-down analytics
  • Plug-and-play tool integration flexibility- anytime, anywhere even for homegrown tools
  • Continuous support from requirement gathering to agile development to production deployment
  • Cross-tool traceability providing better release predictability and Change impact analysis
  • Continuous Testing through workflow based automatic triggering of both manual and automated test cases
  • Schedule based test automation script execution enabling Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous monitoring of release quality through reports and dashboards
  • Automated defect identification and resolution for faster HelpDesk response
  • Meaningful reports, metrics, and KPIs for quick decision-making

DevOps Lifecycle Achieved through Kovair Omnibus Integration

Kovair DevOps is a one-click solution which is easy to use, smart, fast and automated.

DevOps Lifecycle with Kovair Omnibus

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