ServiceNow and Azure DevOps Integration Use Case with Video

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SNOW – ADO Integration Overview

It has often been observed that different teams need to share issues, however, the specifics of what they need to know are different. Therefore, to bring them on the same page without duplication or loss of information is a big challenge.

The Kovair Omnibus helps solve such challenges by establishing bi-directional integration between ServiceNow and Azure DevOps. It synchronizes Incidents, User Stories, Change Requests and Work Items under different programs or themes as per business requirement. All items along with their attachments and relationships get synchronized in a real-time manner. Let us consider a scenario where a support engineer opens a problem in ServiceNow, Kovair Omnibus moves the problem over to Azure DevOps automatically as a user story. This flow of information is bi-directional, and it allows all the teams involved to keep track of the status in real time, throughout the entire process.

Benefits of Business Users

SNOW – ADO Integration
  • Real-time visibility to customer issues
  • Synchronized workflow with internal engineering
  • Automation eliminates manual work on customer issues
    Azure DevOps
  • End to end traceability for requirements as well as customer issues
  • Real-time updates until the customer tickets are resolved
  • Quick and efficient decision making with no dependency on manual communication