Micro Focus ALM and Azure DevOps Integration Use Case with Video

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Micro Focus ALM – ADO Integration Overview

In the ALM domain, the choice of systems and the integration among the cross-functional teams play a great role. While the choice of tools might impact the productivity of a team, the cross-functional collaboration facilitates teams to have a clear picture of the business requirements.

The integration between Micro Focus ALM/QC and Azure DevOps brings rich functionalities to the ecosystem in the area of test and defect management. Kovair being an integration and migration specialist, helps organize and migrate data seamlessly without any downtime using their flagship product – Kovair QuickSync. It synchronizes Requirements, Defects, Bugs, Test Cases and Test Plans under different programs or themes as per business requirement. All items along with their attachments and relationships get synchronized in a real-time manner.

Benefits of Business Users

Micro Focus ALM – ADO Integration
    Micro Focus ALM
  • Real-time visibility into Stories and associated Changes or Enhancements
  • Access to Business Requirements, Status and Updates from within Micro Focus ALM
  • Automation eliminates manual work on customer issues
    Azure DevOps
  • Eliminates the redundancy of entering same data into multiple systems
  • Complete visibility on QA artifacts such as QA schedule, test cases and test results
  • Quick and efficient decision making with no dependency on manual communication