Jira and IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation Integration Use Case with Video


With Kovair Omnibus, auto sync Requirements from IBM DOORS Next Generation (RDNG) with Jira for a unified communication between Development, Product Management and Operation teams.

What’s in it?

It has often been observed that different teams need to share issues, however, the specifics of what they need to know are different. Therefore, to bring them on the same page without duplication or loss of information is a big challenge.

The Kovair Omnibus helps solve such challenges by establishing bi-directional integration between IBM DOORS Next Generation and Jira. It ensures that all historical and current data is available to each user, in the user’s preferred system, with full context, in real-time. All ‘requirements’ from RDNG automatically synchronize to Jira and all the details associated with the particular ‘requirement’ synchronize back to RDNG.

Business Benefits

RDNG – JIRA Integration
  • End to End traceability for business requirement
  • Visibility into development work
  • Quick and efficient decision making with no dependency on manual communication
  • Complete visibility into business requirements
  • Real-time updates into requirements and delivery timelines
  • No manual effort needed to keep product management teams updated on the development status