Integrated Test Management - iTM Solution

Manage end-to-end Software Test Life Cycle - STLC with support for manual testing, test automation, automated defect tracking and real-time test metrics.

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Integrated Testing Software for QA & Development Teams

With the recent move to agile practices, and the growing needs for continuous delivery, the testers’ jobs are no more limited to writing repetitive test cases, manual test execution, frequent regression testing, manual defect submission and continuous follow-ups to developers for re-testing repaired codes. There has to be a better way of doing things.”

- Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman of Kovair.

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Kovair Integrated Test Management – iTM platform helps you track every aspect of software quality – functionality, reliability, efficiency, maintainability and usability. It provides an end-to-end coverage of test artifacts through its traceability views and visual representation of real-time test metrics.

Kovair iTM in conjunction with Kovair’s ESB architected integration platform – Omnibus, allows organizations to implement DevOps by integrating with the existing tools from different vendors.

End-to-end Software Test Life Cycle (STLC) Management

Streamline Process
Streamline your existing test and development tools and focus on process-oriented activities

Enterprise Service Bus
Integrate with bug trackers and test automation tools like JIRA, HP QC, RQM, Test Link, RFT, QTP & Selenium

Automate Test Automation
Automate & simplify test automation effort. Avoid human error

Manual and Automated Testing
Perform both manual and automated testing from a single interface

Collaborative review
Introduce collaborative test case review system to embrace frequent changes

Automated Defect Tracking
Automate the entire defect management process

Traceability Relations
Align testing with rest of the development activities and view traceability relations

Multi-tool Integration
Incorporate DevOps system through multi-tool integration

Continuous Integration
Gain support for Continuous Integration (CI) for your agile teams

Generate powerful reports and metrics for actionable insights

Avail the Best-Practice Testing Methodologies

Use some of the core competencies of Kovair iTM like traceability, execution of automated test scripts and integration support

  • Cross-tool Traceability View
    Fig: Cross-tool Traceability View from Requirements to Defects
  • Direct Execution of QTP/ Selenium
    Fig: Direct Execution of QTP/ Selenium Automated Test Scripts from Kovair Interface
  • Integrate Test Management Process
    Fig: Integrate Test Management Process with other ALM functions

Apply Real-time Metrics and Reporting for Decision Making

Gain Full Visibility of Test Plan, Test Case, Test Runs, Test Results and Defects in a single place and their meaningful interpretations

  • Test Case Distribution Report
    Fig: Test Case Distribution Report by Execution Status and Type
  • Test Case Tracking Progress
    Fig: Test Case Tracking Progress
  • Defect Distribution by Defect Status
    Fig: Defect Chart and Defect Distribution by Defect Status
  • Defects with Linked Tests and Runs
    Fig: Defects with Linked Tests and Runs

Ensure Productivity, Quality and Cost Savings

Benefits for Testers

  • Add Test requirements to your test tool directly from excel, csv, or 3rd party tools
  • Review test cases collaboratively and detect early errors
  • Get notified whenever a business requirement is changed, a development process ends, or defects are raised and fixed
  • Keep business analysts updated about the testing status of their requirements
  • Update fellow developers about the defects raised and track resolved defects automatically
  • Schedule test execution and automate defect capturing
  • Execute automated test scripts directly from Kovair application, view automation results and trace the scripts back to requirements and test cases for change impact analysis

Benefits for Test Leaders/ QA Managers

  • See end-to-end coverage of the test artifacts, including test results, links and test automation results
  • Do impact analysis of a change request by viewing traceability links between test scripts, test cases and corresponding requirements
  • Gain full visibility into the test projects, team productivity, and opportunity costs with near real-time reports and dashboard analytics
  • Track key test metrics at product, process and project level and evaluate the progress, quality and health of software products
  • Get better control on the tools, man-hours, cost of quality, and delivery schedule
  • Automate test scheduling, test runs, and end-to-end defect tracking
  • Bring Agile planning teams, including developers, and testers together and help them collaborate on a single system to address high-priority customer issues

Kovair iTM seamlessly integrates with your existing Tools

Our testing tool provides integration support for Requirements, QA, Development, and defect tracking tools. We also have expertise in integrating homegrown tools.

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