Kovair DevOps and MicroServices Integration Plugin

MicroServices Plugin Details

Plugin Version: 1.0
Last Update on: February 27, 2020


This plugin can be used to send REST API calls using an API resource URL and HTTP headers.

Version Supported:

Not Applicable

Plugin Operation:

1. DoRequest

This operation allows to send an API request.

Input parameter(s):

Parameter Is Mandatory Help Text
Basic Auth Username False Provide the User Name needed for Basic Authentication of a request
Basic Auth Password False Provide the Password needed for Basic Authentication of a request
Url True Provide the API resource url. Ex:
Method True The desired operation to be performed on the API Url. Ex:


True Specify the media type acceptable for the response. Ex: application/json.


True The Media type of the body of the request (used with POST and PUT requests) Ex:

Additional Headers

False Specify some additional components of the header section of request with new line separator. Ex: Field Name1 : Field Value1
Field Name2 : Field Value2

Request Body


Data to be sent along with the headers of the request. Ex:

“project” : 10000,

“issuetype” : 10001,


“summary” : “Story 1 mod”



Output parameter(s):
Parameter Help Text
Response Body Message Body of the response returned for a request.
Response Headers All the headers associated with the response.
Status Code HTTP Status Code of the response
Pass/Fail Condition:
Status Required string in outputlog
Passed If the HTTP status code is returned 200 or 201 or 204 the request will be treated as a Success.
Failed If the HTTP status code is returned as anything other than the ones mentioned in the Passed conditions, then it will be treated as a Failure.


  1. The fields chosen as Output parameters might not be visible in the Console Log, if one of them returns very large data.
  2. Only requests with Basic Authentication is supported.

Release Details:

MicroServices: 1.0
Initial version with basic functionalities.

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