Kovair DevOps Maven Integration Plugin

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Maven Plugin Details

Plugin Version: 1.0.1
Last Update on: December 26, 2019


Maven is a build automation tool used primarily for Java projects.
Maven addresses two aspects of building software: first, it describes how software is built, and second, it describes its dependencies. Unlike earlier tools like Apache Ant, it uses conventions for the build procedure, and only exceptions need to be written down. An XML file describes the software project being built, its dependencies on other external modules and components, the build order, directories, and required plug-ins. It comes with pre-defined targets for performing certain well-defined tasks such as compilation of code and its packaging.

Maven Information:

More information can be found at Maven.

Platform Support:

Windows, Linux.

Version Supported:

This plugin was developed and tested against version present on Maven 3.6.1

Plugin Operation:

  1. RunMaven

This operation allows to execute a maven command:

Input parameter(s):

ParameterIs MandatoryHelp Text
Working DirectorytrueProvide the directory where the Maven project is located. There should be a pom.xml file properly configured in this location
CommandtrueProvide the Maven command to execute.Ex : mvn clean test
ErrorsfalseProduce execution error messages
DebugfalseProduce execution debug output
Never FailfalseNEVER fail the build, regardless of project result
Fast FailfalseStop at first failure in reactorized builds
Fail at the endfalseOnly fail the build afterwards; allow all non-impacted builds to continue

Output parameter(s):

ParameterHelp Text
MavenStatusFinal RunMaven job status.
Total TimeDuration to execute the command
Finished AtCommand execution completion time

Pass/Fail Conditions:

StatusRequired string in outputlog
FailedBelow mentioned string will result into error.
2) ‘Unrecognized option:’
3) ‘not recognized’
4) ‘not recognized as an internal or external command’
or any error occurs in execution.


  1. Normal cmd command can also be executed, only if other additional attribute has not been specified.

Release Details:

Maven: 1.0.1
Initial version with basic functionalities.

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