Polarian and Jira Integration Through Kovair Omnibus Achieves Traceability and Data Integrity in ALM

Omnibus achieves Traceability and Data Integrity in ALM/SDLC



Example Case Study for Polarian and Jira

The problem in the current Software Lifecycle

In recent years Development teams across organizations often use a wide range of vendor tools in their application development process. Therefore, the varying scenario of these different tools create impediments for the management to establish a unified development process, thus the discrete teams struggle to collaborate on the application data to better manage software development efficiently.

This is where Kovair Omnibus provides a seamless solution, the Kovair proprietary ESB unifies various tools of their approach into a common platform and makes it the go-to solution to solve this problem. Kovair Omnibus Adapter for Polarian and Jira (Jira has been considered a development application) integration helps in managing the complete lifecycle using the Kovair Omnibus Platform.

Kovair Omnibus, one of the early ESB in the market establishes collaboration and ensures complete integration of teams across the tools throughout the development lifecycle. The platform with the integration supports all phases of software development (requirements management, development, QA & testing, DevOps) thus capable of providing a uniform view to the senior management and stakeholders across the chain.

Data Hierarchy between Microfocus ALM and Azure DevOps

Kovair Omnibus Ensures Data Integrity and Traceability

In the current tough market where organizations are freezing their budget, changing the entire toolchain may not be the most viable option, rather utilizing the same toolsets make a more viable solution. Consider a case where, a department might want to use Polarian for various domain requirements management, whereas other departments are currently not able to adopt Polarian rather than use a tool like Jira. Kovair Omnibus ESB can connect both tools seamlessly to perform sync between seamless data synchronization in between Jira and Polarian. Omnibus is a no-code platform thus configuring it is super easy and can be done in a few hours. Once the connectors are set, data can be synced bi-directionally across multiple projects automatically without the need for manual synchronization.

Benefits of using Kovair Omnibus Integration

Following are some of the Key benefits

  • Integration between Jira and Polarian establishes data integrity and cross-tool interrelations, enabling stakeholders to view the traceability across items of various departments. Therefore, allowing discrete departments to perform efficiently, with a single piece of data across tools.
  • Bridges any mismatched data thus end users work on a single piece of truth
  • Kovair Omnibus along with Kovair ALM helps to implement SDLC including the external tools in place.
  • Increase productivity thus avoiding manual data transfer.


As you can see, using proper software in various development cycles can save you lots of time and money. Changing your approach to adopting new applications during the software development process will not be easy. However, organizations need to stay the course so that overall the company can reap the rewards associated with a higher degree of software integrity and time to market.

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