Omnibus Integration for a Major Global IT Services Company

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Omnibus Integration for Major Global IT Services Company


This company is one of the top ten global IT Companies and a global leader in delivering technology enabled business solutions to companies throughout the world. This company’s service offerings span application services, systems integration, product engineering, custom software development, maintenance and others. What this use case study indicates is that while other vendors may be making marketing claims about the integration of tools around a common platform, Kovair has actually demonstrated it to a global company that is currently not a user of Kovair tools. Kovair integrated three tools from IBM Rational from their suite of SDLC point tools and two internal tools used in business modeling and project management in the delivery of software services by this Global Company in less than 2 months. The concept of Omnibus Integration Bus with its Web Services based architecture and simple and thin adapters allowed Kovair to execute these integrations in a hub type rather than point to point type integrations that makes them very flexible, cost effective and easy to maintain for changes.


The company is currently using a mix of standard tools from different vendors and some home grown tools to support individual phases of Software Development and IT Management lifecycle. These tools are not well connected with each other and the information flow between the tools is mostly manual lacking coordination and synchronization. The company is finding it extremely difficult to share information between different lifecycle solutions, trace items through phases, propagate changes through phases, establish end-to-end automated lifecycle process, enforce consistent project management controls across phases and gain total visibility into the status and progress of development and IT projects. The company needed an open integration framework that can connect all the currently used tools in a simple and effective manner. The integration framework needs to be flexible enough to provide easy replacement of any existing tool or introduction of any new tool in the future.


Kovair Omnibus Integration offers an open and seamless integration framework with all essential services like collaboration, traceability, process automation, security, reporting and analytics built in a single repository. Omnibus enables enterprise organizations to make lifecycle tools active participants in SDLC and IT process as part of a Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA). With Omnibus’s Hub or Bus architecture the complexity of multiple tool integration is drastically reduced from that for a point-to-point integration architecture. Omnibus is based on Web service standards using SOAP protocol. This allows any 3rd party tools, applications, legacy software and even RDBMS or file based data-sources to be integrated independent of their Hardware/ OS, technology platform or location. This standard being firewall friendly, will allow these tools be integrated even when they reside behind multiple enterprise firewalls without compromising the enterprise security standards.

Kovair executed a project demonstrating successfully how Omnibus can connect the tools supporting various application lifecycle phases to provide an Integrated Software Development and IT Lifecycle Management environment for this company. The company is using an internal tool for Business Modeling, IBM Requisite Pro for Requirements Management, IBM Rose for Analysis & Design, IBM Test Manager for Test Management and an internal tool for central Project Management and Tracking. Kovair has built the adapters for these three IBM tools and two internal tools to connect them to Omnibus. Kovair demonstrated how Business Requirements, System Requirements, Use Case Models, Architecture Models, Component Models, Test Cases with Results and Defects can now flow automatically across the tool boundaries. This integration ensures cross-lifecycle transparency, macro and micro level process automation and correspondence of activities across disciplines. Tracing lifecycle items backward and forward through Business Modeling->Requirements Management->Analysis & Design->Development->Testing becomes a reality.


Kovair Omnibus offers the following immediate benefits for this company:

  • Eliminates expensive manual data transfer processes and human errors
  • Synchronized data everywhere for everybody
  • Enhanced productivity in the range of at least 10-15%
  • Increased and immediate visibility across groups, management levels and geographies
  • User preferred tool environment for individual functions but in a totally integrated environment