Kovair Omnibus Synchronizes Data between Software Tools

Kovair Omnibus Synchronizes Data between ServiceNow and Other Tools at a Large US Appliance Maker

Kovair Omnibus Synchronizes Data between Software Tools for one of World’s Large Appliance Manufacturers
One of the world’s largest manufacturer & marketer of home appliances, headquartered in USA was using ServiceNow for managing the customer tickets & IBM Rational Team Concert for managing internal development. The usage of disparate tools from different vendors by different teams for software delivery brought in the challenge of real-time collaboration between the teams and visibility to the management. This Kovair customer is one of the most successful companies in the Fortune 500 List. It operates globally in Semiconductors and other Electronic Components with it headquarter in Silicon Valley, USA.

Their Challenge: Bringing Teams, Tools and Process Together

The company invested heavily for both ServiceNow & RTC for increasing efficiency of teams. This use of different tools by different teams brought in information silos and introduced collaboration challenges between teams. With the vision of bringing two teams together and breaking the silos, the need for integrating these tools became imminent in this organization. Manually synchronizing artefacts between the two tools and keeping both the teams in sync was becoming error prone. The major challenges which they wanted to solve in terms of data synchronization were:
  • In ServiceNow, the external team logs on all the issues as Incidents and Ad-Hoc requests. These tickets (i.e. Incidents & Ad-Hoc Requests) are to be synced automatically to RTC as Defects and Stories respectively. Any update to any of these artefacts on either side needs to be synchronized in a near real-time manner.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned scenario, the team also provided complicated nested business criteria to qualify relevant business decision making data for syncing.

The Solution: Kovair Omnibus – A Scalable Integration Platform

The only way to resolve all the problems stated above was to establish a bi-directional integration between ServiceNow & IBM Rational Team Concert. Kovair used its SOA architected proprietary ESB Omnibus for integrating these two tools. Kovair Omnibus is an SOA architected proprietary Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform that can seamlessly connect 90+ commercial tools from different vendors and areas like PPM, ALM, PLM, ITSM, ERP and CRM. Being an ESB, the solution also provided the facility to integrate other tools in future. A few of the benefits of Kovair Omnibus over others are:
  • Web based configuration: Complete web-based configuration without any client footprint. Integrations can be configured with simple mouse clicks in a codeless manner.
  • Multi-tool Routing: Kovair Omnibus supports advanced and intelligent routing of information through an easy visual interface. Customers can exactly control the movement of data from one tool to one or multiple tools based on conditions, as per specific business requirements.
  • Integrity Checking: Kovair Omnibus supports pro-active integrity checking for information synchronized between different tools. This helps to find out any synchronization inconsistencies between tools and then resolve those through re-sync capabilities.
  • Cloud Compatibility: Kovair Omnibus can integrate any SaaS or Cloud Application. This can support any Hybrid Cloud environment where Cloud as well as on premise applications/tools need to be integrated. Omnibus is Cloud compatible – Cloud-to-Cloud, Cloud-to-On-premise and On-premise to On-premise.
With all these unique aspects and capability of integrating in-house tools, Kovair Omnibus provided a unique solution for their integration needs.

Journey with Kovair Omnibus

The client selected the Kovair Omnibus as the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for their integration requirement and engaged with Kovair team to design, connect and implement data integrations between ServiceNow & RTC. They shared their business needs or Use Cases as mentioned-above with Kovair team. Kovair delivered it within a very short span of time and without compromising on quality. Considering the ease of use and OOTB features of Kovair Omnibus and the flexibility to add on enhancement with ease, they decided to go with Kovair. Kovair Omnibus was installed in their environment and within a day, all their use cases were configured and demonstrated to the end users. Once the client team was satisfied with the configuration, they tried out the solution for few days. Kovair passed the acceptance criteria defined by them and successfully demonstrated how Omnibus can connect multiple tools supporting various application lifecycle phases to provide an Integrated Software Development environment. Within a short time Kovair Omnibus gained the confidence of teams and they have started expressing how Omnibus is positively affecting their work. They started their production implementation in a phased manner and teams are getting onboarded in an incremental manner. Integration Flow Diagram
Integration Flow Diagram
Beyond just establishing bi-directional integration between the tools, the solution also provided a central integration health dashboard with live sync monitor to manage and monitor data flows with ease in a single interface. The dashboard provided facilities to track the status of each individual data. They appreciated the benefits achieved from the integrated tools ecosystem established using Kovair Omnibus. With this implementation, the silos of data broke and both the teams got synchronized with the same set of data in a real-time manner.


The client is now successfully implementing Integration of tools using Kovair Omnibus platform and thus removed their regular pains. Kovair is not only helping them to integrate tools which they are using today but is working hand in hand with them to ensure that the implementation is correct and successful. Stakeholders of their organization have already started recognizing the benefits of having an integrated environment achieved through Kovair Omnibus.
  • Smooth collaboration between teams
  • Real-time status of all items across different teams
  • Single source of information for all teams
  • Productivity gains through these integrations and Data Synchronization
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