How Global Enterprises Increasing Productivity and Quality Using Kovair Integrated ALM


Kovair ALM successfully implemented an integrated ALM solution without replacing any of their existing tools.


The company is in the business of supplying process equipment to various industries. It uses a wide variety of tools for managing Change Requests, Delivery Package, Requirements, Designs, Test Cases, Issues, Builds, Version Control of Source Code files and Incidents. Most of these tools being from different vendors were very module specific in nature, and were not integrated with each other. Consequently, there was no traceability among various artifacts such as Requirements, Delivery Package, Test Cases, Issues, Code Files and Incidents.


  • Different tools from multiple vendors were involved
  • Interconnectivity was not available, thus resulting in lack of information flow between the tools
  • Distributed environment across the globe involving four countries
  • Managing Change Request implementation was difficult
  • Lack of visibility and no cross tools end-to-end traceability of a Release
  • Difficulty in tracking of a Release due to the usage of multiple tools

Kovair Solution

Kovair ALM and Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform enabled the company implement an integrated solution with a global process workflow.

  1. Tool synchronization to bring across-the-board process control, global transparency and better Project and Release Management along with real time reporting and dashboards.
  2. Custom configuration of Kovair ALM platform with different artifacts to cater to different stages of the development and release lifecycles.

Use Case scenario of the organization involving multiple tools
Fig: Sample Use Case scenario of the organization involving multiple tools


The major benefits to the organization in terms of a successful product delivery are listed below:

  1. Overcoming the challenges of globally distributed teams.
  2. Automating and implementing uniform engineering process across SDLC stages.
  3. End-to-end traceability for greater insight into the application development.
  4. Real time collection of actionable metrics of a Release.
  5. Increased productivity by eliminating manual handoffs.
  6. Reduced cost by saving a lot of training hours.
  7. Improved quality by reducing defects raised due to miscommunication and inconsistencies.
  8. Impact assessment and Change Management with confidence.

With Kovair, an orchestration was achieved between all the geographically distributed tools from different vendors which helped their teams track and manage all the product development related artifacts throughout their lifecycle. Today the organization has achieved the goal of fully Integrated ALM Solution with real-time integration.