Global Chip Company Leverages Kovair Omnibus to Support End-to-End Product Development Efficiency

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Global Chip Company Leverages Kovair Omnibus to Support End-to-End Product Development Efficiency




As one of the major semiconductor chip manufacturers, the client produces end-to-end chips for various devices like computers and other devices. It is a US multinational company and its customers are most of the Global 2000 companies. The product delivery teams of this client were using a mix of best-of-breed tools from different vendors and some homegrown tools to support individual phases of Software Development and delivery across multiple Business units. The client needed an open integration framework to connect engineering tools seamlessly.

The client opted for Kovair Omnibus [1] SOA architected Integration Bus a few years ago to connect eleven mostly used commercial tools as well as homegrown development, test and other tools across multiple instances. To date, approximately twenty thousand users have used Omnibus in a phased manner. Around one thousand projects across tools have completed their life cycle. Currently, approximately 500 tool projects are live and are supporting more than five thousand end users.

Some of the major reasons for Kovair Omnibus adoption are.

  • Omnibus Platform is being adopted by several groups because of 100% security compliance. The platform was built to support SSL, TLS1.1, and TLS 1.2
  • Deep integration with the in-house tools is achieved for security and provisioning
  • Unmatched scalability with less than 1% reported errors.
  • No-code configurability, thus a very flat learning curve for business units.

The benefits that the client achieved are.

  • Single platform for Collaboration – Information across various tools in various business units is no longer scattered – which is now unified by Omnibus.
  • Productivity – all business groups can use their development tools of choice to manage their work, but always with the most up-to-date and integrated information possible.
  • Better management of quality data both internally and externally – Management teams are now exposed to unified business data.


The Kovair Omnibus integration platform in place deeply integrated with its existing ecosystem has helped the client reduce time-to-market while significantly increasing the quality of its products.

Kovair Omnibus – [Kovair Omnibus is a Kovair proprietary Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform for better collaboration, tools interoperability, increased agility, and unified product delivery]

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