Why DevOps Need Penetration Testing

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DevOps Need Penetration Testing

When it comes to innovating and developing products or services at a higher speed, the security measures are often ignored. When it comes to implementing an external security measure, it can slow down the DevOps process and create some critical challenges along your way. Instead of applying a thorough security process throughout the Development process, DevSecOps efficiently finds the current flaws in security, so that it can ensure the development process is going smoothly.

The Importance of Secure DevOps

DevOps (Development and Operations) is a comprehensive phrase that solely refers to practices, dedicated tools and cultural philosophies used within the enterprise software development.

The main objective of implementing DevOps is to unify two business practices – Development and Operations.

Integration of Traditional Software Development Processes and Environment

It enhances the traditional software development processes and the environment through better collaboration and communications. The continuous collaboration and communication between the development team and operation team allows organizations to make the innovation and development process smoother and faster.

The basic motto of DevOps is to ensure continuous integrations, development and innovations.

Major Trouble Areas of DevOps Process

The main trouble areas experienced by DevOps process involve a bunch of security vulnerabilities.

When it comes to working on continuous development or daily software update, you must ensure that you stay on the top of the cyber-security radar. Unfortunately, most DevOps professionals lack proper knowledge and experience to handle the security challenges efficiently.

The inconsistent approaches, lack of proper automation tools, not having knowledgeable and experienced DevOps professionals are the crucial factors that make DevOps process slow down.

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All about Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is one of the best ways to ensure best in class security in the DevOps process.

So, now it’s time to know about the penetration testing process:

Penetration testing is an ethical hacking process that can be run to test the security of your system. When it comes to working on the penetration testing for DevOps, it needs to be performed on an on-going basis to ensure that the constant development is taking place.

A continuous and automated security protection system can easily identify the present security glitch in your system.

When it comes to conducting a pen test, you need to have a proper plan. If you are using a cloud-based application, you should consult with your cloud provider so that you can know about the restrictions that you may face at the time of conducting the pen test. For example, your cloud provider could restrict you if your testing looks like DDOS attack or if you end up saturating the system with your test.

When it comes to drafting the penetration testing plan for your DevOps system, you must cover the important areas like data and network access, compliance, automation, and approach. Make sure that the pen testing tool that you are using can easily simulate the potential attack.

When you are conducting the penetration testing, there is couple of things that you should consider. First, you should see how people would react to the attack. To get an accurate response, you should disclose the test. Another important area that you should look into is the automated response. The automated response is mainly about testing the security system that you currently have in place.

Be it automated or human, each response should be documented. These reactions will reveal any potential glitch of your system. You should address the vulnerabilities immediately that you find during the testing process.

You should conduct the pen testing on a routine basis to improve the security of your DevOps process.

Final Words

Security can be a big inconvenience for you as you will need to dodge or ignore it to get something done. So, eliminate all the security flaws in your Organization’s DevOps system by doing a routine Penetration testing.

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