Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions?

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Microsoft Dynamics

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a category of data-driven, integrated software solutions that improve interactions with the customers and boost business profitability. CRM helps in managing and maintaining customer relationships, track leads, sales, marketing and deliver actionable data.

Why implement a CRM solution?

CRM solutions can increase your business profitability by streamlining the entire administrative procedures in your sales, marketing as well as service divisions and allowing you to focus more on building and maintaining customer relationships which matter the most.

An efficient CRM solution is a multi-faceted platform where everything is critical in order to develop, improve, and retain relationships with valuable customers. Without this integrated CRM solution, the business organizations may miss growth opportunities and lose their revenue since they’re not optimizing their operating procedures or making the most of their customer relationships and sales leads.

Why use MS Dynamics 365 for CRM?

Here are some of the uses of Dynamics 365 that will help you decide if it will be right for you to make a move:

  • Earn the trust of your customers for life

Marketing, sales and customer service apps can connect everyone with a single reliable source of relationship information. This creates consistency and unifies clients’ experience across all channels such as integrated webchats, self-service portals, etc.

  • Office Integration

With an integrated power platform, Dynamics 365 brings together business procedures and office productivity apps. Access all CRM capabilities across Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Excel, and other acquainted tools for an unparalleled connected experience.

  • Develop smart procedures

Repetitive manual tasks are replaced with smart connected procedures using Dynamics 365 solutions. You can apply triggers for approval of requests and deploy the guided procedures to handle lead qualifications, issues related to service and other routine office workflows to reach successful outcomes consistently.

  • Get actionable business insights

Uncover important insights with its real-time reporting feature. It works across the metrics which matter the most with the help of its native dashboards, embedded AI capabilities and Power BI visualizations. It enables us to discover new insights for appropriate decision-making and embrace the innovative data-driven culture.

  • Safeguard your data

No matter at which place you do your business, your valuable customer data is always safe in the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Manage all client relationship

Manage all your client relationships efficiently through connected apps with the data stored in a common data platform that provides scalability to fuel your growth.

  • Flexible pricing

Dynamics 365 solution offers simple and transparent licensing so the organizations only need to pay as per their requirement with a fixed monthly billing, and flexibility of mix-and-match.

  • Do business anywhere

By using Dynamics 365 apps and mobile Power Apps, businesses can handle specific processes that empower everyone and enable a consistent user experience.

  • Unifies your data

MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service Adapter integrates easily with other applications, cloud services as well as external data sources such as accounting databases, websites, email marketing, and many more.

  • Regular updates

Microsoft invests vast resources into Research and Development which has resulted in Dynamics 365 releases every year and continually innovates as well as extends its product’s capabilities.

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Top Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Here are the top reasons for choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM:

  1. 360-degree View of Customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM gives a holistic view of existing customers and prospects by detailing all documents, phone calls, emails, meetings and to-do’s, all held in a centralized and shared CRM database.

  1. Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365

Most of the users depend on Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 for managing their emails and documents associated with customers and suppliers. Microsoft CRM has integration with all these applications so that the emails and documents can be easily stored against a client record for convenient access with a good connected experience.

  1. Multiple mobile options

Customer information can be accessed on all mobile devices like Android, iOS and Windows which is the key for the employees to stay connected with their customers. This CRM solution has innumerable mobile options for working offline and online, increasing productivity and making each and every minute count.

  1. Boosts Sales and Lead Generation

Microsoft CRM solutions boast a wide range of features that ensure that opportunities are managed appropriately and accurate forecasts are made to meet the revenue goals. Dynamics 365 enables you to manage key sales as well as lead generation procedures and drives the business forward. It provides powerful reporting and allows you to export the data efficiently to Excel, allowing you to focus on valuable data and KPI’s to explore new insights.

  1. Flexible Pricing Plans

Dynamics CRM has a number of enterprise pricing plans and editions to choose from, making it cost-effective even for smaller companies. The pricing plans can be subscribed on monthly pay per user basis or can be purchased as an on-premise version. The complete cost of ownership for this CRM solution gives great value.

  1. User Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution enables you to manage important meetings, customer follow-ups and other to-do’s, making you more productive and efficient. There is a wide range of powerful scheduling tools, personal dashboards and calendars which allow different teams to work together in an effective manner.

  1. Ease of Use

By combining sales force automation with cohesive tools, the entire process of sales execution and support is streamlined. The scalable sales solutions are easy to customize, extend and connect to other services and applications that are already being used.

  1. Advanced Sales Reports

The reporting capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM leverages robust and flexible SQL Server product portfolios to make, analyze, process, and render reports. Descriptions of all supporting components that are available with Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SQL Server demonstrate the possibilities for more detailed analysis and reporting in the future.

  1. Safeguard your Data

Dynamics 365 is backed by Microsoft Azure, the second biggest public cloud provider which invests around $1 billion in cloud security every year. It keeps your entire data secure and also keeps you prepared for unexpected. The organizations can maintain an audit trail that demonstrates the liability from start to the end.

  1. Regular Updates

The research and development in Dynamics CRM are unrivaled, Microsoft releases updates regularly, ensuring that you have the latest CRM solution for your organization.

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