The Upcoming Trends in DevOps for Developers

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The past year has seen a marked development in the field of DevOps. With regards to engineering technology the growth has been phenomenal, most organizations are adopting DevOps to automate in order to increase productivity and speed. There are multiple benefits along with improved cross-team communication. New researches have shown more than 30 million workflows have discovered the reason for high performance among teams is continuous integration. Thus It is obvious that in the year 2021 all eyes will be set on the popular trends in DevOps.

Let’s discuss some of the future trends in DevOps for developers:

  • Automation will be of prime importance for the developers – Automation will go to a new level with the advent of Zero-touch automation. The automation of the testing framework will help in faster scripting of new test cases. The awareness of the concept of 6Cs of DevOps and the ways to implement automation within it will be the focus of 2021.
  • Increase in connecting to the power of machine learning – With the arrival AI machine learning has come a long way and as AI is used in DevOps application development and management will be done with minimum human intervention.

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  • There will be more opportunities for Cloud providers – In 2021 the stakeholders will enjoy server-free DevOps solutions. It will be hassle-free, cost-effective and the developers will not maintain the hardware or the software to run a code; instead, it will be done by the service provider.
  • The rise in open sourceThe best quality of DevOps is its adaptability. not only it can be finetuned with customized requirements, but the tools can be from open source. Tools like Kubernetes, Docker, Puppet, Jenkins to name a few, will have a phenomenal rise in their usage.
  • Rise in database management – 2021 will witness the incorporation of database management by DevOps. DevOps has already implemented automation successfully. Along with the surge in the usage of AI tools for big data management, this will bring DevOps and database management processes together in the future, resulting in increased big data analysis and more software usage.
  • The focus will be on mechanisms of DevOps mainly build, tests and deployment – The concentration will be on how to automate these components and implement the CI/CD (Continues Integration and Continuous Deployment) pipelines. Introducing frequent, smaller testing of more fragmented units resulting in building higher quality software application. This will open more opportunities for automation in the future.
  • Developers will be ready to take more risk and prepare for effective risk management – Developers are always under pressure of finding ways to be more innovative and productive. Hence, they are always looking for solutions and practices to fit their risky condition. They need to find out tools and aids that will help them to deliver faster and product-market-fit before the expected time. Gone are the days of over-engineering and the concept of one-size-fits-all, now developers must choose and take smart decisions based on the risks and pitfalls they may face while developing build for the specific profile.
  • Finally, in 2021 DevOps will get its due respect from Business Leaders – There is a marked development in the relationship between developers and business leaders, and it is evolving along with success and growth in business around technology. There has been a huge change with respect to the involvement of developers as they are called upon to share their insights on DevOps, bring new development tools and the possible best practices to build, and deploy products with speed. With such expertise and inputs from the tech teams, it is time for business leaders to acknowledge and embrace their efforts for faster results and better sprints.


DevOps has been in the software scenario for quite some time. However, of late more and more companies are realizing the immense benefits of this concept. The waterfall methodology is giving up and agile practice is taking up the stage. The above predictions in DevOps trends and practices indicate there is a long way ahead. The future seems to be bright and DevOps is here to stay.

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