Significant UI/UX Enhancements in Release 10.5 for the Kovair ALM

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Since its inception, Kovair has achieved a deep understanding of users in terms of what they need, what they value and their feedback on the limitations of our products.

Kovair also believes that User interface design (UI) is directly related to user experience (UX), and it is important to have both of them right! The release of Kovair ALM  10.5 facilitates the ALM end-users with real-time access to information when and where they need. Kovair ALM 10.5 features a touch-friendly UI that is optimized for business users. This revamped user interface will help users retrieve information faster and complete the tasks quicker and more efficiently. The primary focus of the new UI is to ensure simple and quick access to content that ALM users are utilizing frequently and thus make that access more intuitive and minimize the clicks required.

Kovair ALM

Achieving the Work Faster

Better user experience leads to productivity improvements. When you consider increased productivity over the number of users and hours each user is active, the financial impact is readily apparent and substantial. Following are the areas where usage has been improved in Release 10.5:

  • Color Scheme

It has been observed that there is a significant impact on user behavior and emotions, depending on the application color scheme. With the new Kovair ALM 10.5, the entire application has been themed with a sober and pleasing color scheme.

  • Menu Navigation

Easy Navigation is a key aspect of an application in terms of user experience. Effective designing of the menu can facilitate users to navigate across desired interfaces smoothly. The current ALM interface is an icon-driven nested list where similar items are clubbed together in a bundled menu. Moreover, the menu is fully collapsible to provide end-users with the maximum work area.

ALM Menu Navigation

  • View Attachments / Comments

The new interface facilitates viewing of attachments and comments from an attribute, directly in a list with just a single click. ALM users can perform actions like viewing comments or downloading attachments from a single interface.

ALM View Attachments / Comments

  • View Items through a Preview Window

With the proper configuration in place, the system allows viewing the item details through a sleek preview window, without the need of going into forms. Moreover, the preview provides navigation of attachments and comments.

ALM View Items through a Preview Window

  • Upload Multiple Attachments

Uploading attachments for items is now made super easy – the application allows users to drag and drop one or multiple files from the local system.

ALM Upload Multiple Attachments

  • One-Click Access to User’s Own Setting

Every valid ALM User can check their settings like passwords and preferences from the application through a one-click interface.

  • Completion of Task

Kovair ALM supports task-based workflow. Task-based workflow is what the wording implies – a set of sequential steps or parallel tasks assigned to ALM Users. Now, completion of Tasks actually leads to the completion of the workflow. The new interface allows closure of tasks from the list directly.

ALM Completion of Task

  • Zero Click Notification

There are always some key notifications that are required to notify to the user, regarding the recent transactions. Currently, the new interface allows users to get information with zero interaction. The notification will be visible post-operation and will disappear automatically.

ALM Zero Click Notification

  • Common Context menu as Icon

For all the list interfaces, the common context operations now also appear as icons in a sleek menu thus facilitating one-click operation.


The Effective UI design contributes to a positive user experience, which is a must in the current competitive application world. The effort to provide an intuitive interface may be a brand factor differentiator. With all the enhancements that are done – it will ultimately attract new happy and satisfied users and consequently increase the usage of ALM tools.

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