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By now, our readers have become aware of Kovair Omnibus as the most wide-ranging and cost-effective platform for transporting synchronized data via its tool-specific adapters from one tool to the other. Traditionally, the software team and other IT teams functioned in silos despite using some of the most sophisticated tools available in the industry. This usually led to the zero sharing of data and information between teams in real-time which of course hindered the quality of work.

Kovair Omnibus

Omnibus integration suite comprises of applications of varied technologies. In this write-up, let us explore a few of these integration adapters which help to connect disparate processes.


Jira, a tool developed by an Australian company Atlassian is an issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management application. If Test Management plug-in ‘Test Management for Jira ‘is installed in the application, it helps Jira to Manage Test and Quality.

Now, Kovair adapter for JIRA Test Management aids to accomplish integration between JIRA Test Management and various other diverse ALM tools, and this empowers teams within a development chain to manage their issues throughout the complete project lifecycle on a centralized platform. The chief objective of this adapter is to enable software teams to manage and test details.


HP ALM (earlier HP QC, a test management tool) is basically a web-based ALM suite that helps the software development team to manage the application lifecycle from the initial stages of project planning, requirements gathering, until the final stages of testing & deployment. All the team members in a development chain accomplish a diverse set of actions which require to be communicated to all concerned members. HP ALM enables interaction, coordination, tracking, reporting and effective management. However, collaboration with team members in the same development chain using other heterogenous becomes difficult.

Here Kovair HP ALM integration supports come into play. Kovair addresses these development pain points with its integration platform – Omnibus Integration Platform.  Along with an adapter and an IDE based plug-in for HP ALM, the platform empowers HP ALM users to manage and track Requirement, Test Steps, Test Cases, Test Run, and Defects across heterogeneous tool setup.

Team Foundation Server (TFS)

TFS (Team Foundation Server), a Microsoft product offers source code management, requirement management, project management, and various other capabilities to its users. The tool automates the Software Delivery procedure and provides appropriate interaction and collaboration within the team.

When TFS is connected to ‘Kovair TFS integration adapter’ via Omnibus platform, it goes a step further and enables you to integrate TFS with a wide range of disparate ALM tools like JIRA, QC, SVN, and Salesforce. This lets the software development teams to effortlessly collaborate on projects irrespective of their physical location.

Rational Door Next Gen (RDNG)

Rational Door Next Gen (RDNG), which is built on the IBM Rational Jazz platform, is a requirements management tool. It delivers a smarter technique to define, trace, evaluate, and manage requirements which, in turn, enhance communication and teamwork between teams in the development chain improving their quality of work.

Kovair IBM Doors NextGen integration adapter takes RDNG tool to the next level by efficiently addressing the demand for synchronization of entities across Doors NextGen and best of breed tools from diverse vendors enabling collaboration among the customers, stakeholders, and project team members regardless of their breed of tools and locations.

IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC)

IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC), built on IBM Rational Jazz platform is a collaborative software development product which is utilized to manage various aspects of software development work, such as change management, defect tracking, source control, build automation and others.

Nonetheless, the Software Development industry is full of disparate tools and integrating such wide-ranging applications with RTC is always a challenge. Kovair responds to this challenge with ‘Kovair RTC integration adapter’. Among many of its features, RTC implements the OSLC specification for Change Management systems which deal with change requests, bug reports, defects, and enhancement requests. In RTC, these are collectively termed as Work Items.


Globally, Jama is a very popular requirements management tool. It manages requirements and end-to-end traceability across the project lifecycle.

Kovair Jama Contour adapter’ integrates Contour with the other Application Lifecycle Management tools making the tool more productive. The connector helps to build an integrated software development environment within an organization which propels data visibility across various heterogeneous best-of-breed tools used in the organization. User Stories, Test Cases, Test Runs, Defects and custom entities from Jama are exposed as separate entities from the Kovair Jama Contour Adapter.


ServiceNow helps to bridge the gap between application development and IT operations teams. The product’s digital workflow provides exceptional experiences and increases the efficiency and productivity of both employees and the organization by simplifying the complications of work on a single, centralized enterprise cloud platform.

Kovair ServiceNow integration adapter’ aids the ServiceNow tool to integrate with a wide collection of on-premise ALM tools, like JIRA, QC, and TFS as well as cloud-based tools like (SFDC). Through this integration, you can let your application development and IT operations teams work more dedicatedly for the organization. In fact, the ServiceNow adapter comprises an Incident Management module to steadfastly achieve the resolution of incidents.

GitHub, an enterprise cloud-based hosting solution helps to publish Git repositories and collaborate with individuals from dispersed geographic settings. GitHub Enterprise is basically the on-premise version of and Kovair GitHub integration adapter supports both.

The linking aids to extract information from GitHub into linked software applications via the tool-specific adapter. This lets the users collaborate and comment through code review sessions, track changes that are already made, log issues and strategize on prospective projects.


Selenium with TestNG framework is a free automated testing suite for web applications across diverse browsers and platforms. Selenium plays a crucial part in executing automation testing hence decreasing the testing time. But the test automation results must be shared straightaway across the development chain revealing the general steadiness. Here Kovair Selenium integration adapter comes into play as it upturns the quality of the delivery by providing an all-in-one connection between Selenium and various other ALM tools like HP ALM, JIRA, TFS, and others.

In fact, the adapter exposes the Test Suite, Test Case, Test Case Result, Test Execution, Test Execution Result, Defect, Files, Classes and Methods from Selenium (using TestNG) as traceable entities in the unified ALM set-up.


SharePoint is basically a unified collaboration platform that empowers teams to share and manage content and knowledge and effortlessly collaborate across the organization.

Now, Kovair SharePoint integration adapter helps to eliminate the challenge of disintegration by allowing dataflow from SharePoint to other best-of-breed ALM and ITSM tools, such as HP QC, JIRA, and TFS also used within an organization. The adapter is intended to permit tracking and processing of entities like Documents, Custom Lists and others which are being stored and shared in SharePoint. Know more about SharePoint Migration benefits and how to migrate SharePoint 2010 to Office 365.

Kovair Omnibus, an Enterprise Service Bus platform impeccably integrates more than 90 tools which ultimately lead to real-time collaboration between various teams involved in the development chain creating an integrated, collaborative and technologically productive environment.

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