The Thin Line Between Reports and Dashboards

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The Thin Line between Reports and Dashboards
Almost all ALM tools provide you with the provision of collecting information and presenting them in various ways. Both Reports and Dashboards are used to serve a similar purpose of presenting the gathered information. However it has been observed that plenty of users are not well versed with when to use a dashboard versus a report?

The usage of Reports and Dashboards in a proper way and in the right context can lead you to guarantying success in a particular project. Thus it is extremely essential for users of a tool to have a fundamental knowledge about the difference of a report and dashboard and their usage. Kovair allows you to design and create different kinds of reports and dashboards according to your needs. We have recently uploaded a detailed document on our website, regarding the differences between reports and dashboards. The document also highlights the ease of use aspect of Kovair pertaining to reports and dashboards.

If you are interested to learn more, we suggest that you download the Differences between Reports and Dashboards article.

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