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Change is the only constant thing that applies to your everyday professional life. Upgrading yourself is a need in the present times; information technology service is rapidly developing. We need to invest our time to learn about the new technologies and adapt them to our daily lives. Our article would like to discuss the top 5 technology trends that are more likely to disrupt the current IT approach and develop a demand for engineers to keep in view the future direction and requirements. If you are keen to explore your developer’s tool kit, check the list further included in the article, plus our tips that will help you a step further from getting started with the technology.

It’s not always about the following particular requirement. Still, the rapid changes in the technologies have made it essential for the developer to meet the edge technology challenges and deal with the security issues that emerge nowadays.

The top 5 technology in 2021:

  1. 5G technology
  2. Internet of behavior
  3. Cyber security
  4. Intelligent process automation
  5. Human augmentation

So let’s get on with the list.

5G technology

It is the upcoming generation of cellular services. The developer can expect an average speed of 20GBPS download speed and 10 GBPS of upload speed, making it approximately 40times faster when compared with the 4G LTE network. This will open up new spaces for customer experience, network services, and developing new services for the cellular networks. Currently, the network is being explored closely by Switzerland, Korea, and the US. The major companies investing in the 5G technology development are Samsung, Nokia, Intel, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Huawei.

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Internet of behavior

Gathering data to understand its behavior is known as the Internet of Behaviour (IOB). Here you can consider an example of a company site that has employed under computer protocol that determines the computer version to determine whether the employees are following the rules and regulations made for them, and then collects the data analyzed by the organizations to understand the behavior of the data to be interpreted to be influenced by the public to follow the protocols of the government.

Internet of Behaviour gathers the information, combines and processes them for many sources, including commercial customer data, the database of government agencies, social media database, location tracking, public domain, and citizen data to be processed by the public sector agencies.

The rapid increase in technologies has made this data accessing and processing technology a trend in the current years. The companies involved in the technology are WS, Cisco, Microsoft, Cloudera, Dell, IBM, HP.

Cyber Security

With so many companies undergoing a vast transformation, awareness of the ongoing emerging cyberattacks also grows rapidly; this puts large and small enterprises at risk. Cybersecurity is not a new concept, but the changes in technologies are a chance to discover. There are two newly developing trends in the field of cyber security.

A virtual dispersive network is a distinctive approach to cyber security; it transmits the signal in short bangs or quantum packets. It cannot be understood by reading or disrupting content. Here no one can understand or disrupt the content without making noise.

The other one under the development list is blockchain cyber security. They are a more flexible and responsive security approach by centralizing and disrupting enforcement. In the starting rise of the company, cybersecurity is not a luxury but a necessity. RedHat, IBM, CISCO are the major companies involved in the development of cybersecurity.

IPA (Intelligent Process Automation)

The Intelligent process idea is basically- “whatever that can be controlled automatically”. It’s a nutshell that robots benefit the automatic industry and have developed meaning over big data, machine learning which can improve over time which further helps the robots involve the if, then, this, that rule. As the new technologies emerge, it has smartened up the home devices, industrial development, cars, drones, etc., and there are more than 61 million data connected in the production line. The companies involved in the process of evolution are KPMG, AWS, Microsoft.

HA (The Human Augmentation)

Individuals have frequently experimented with technologies to increase the quality of life, and this curiosity to develop a healthy life has made a rapid increase in technology. Hence this has got into the field of human augmentation by befriending artificial intelligence technology and the IOT to magnify our daily life, which also carries the intelligence to an extent. There is a race among the technology to help disabled people with bionics and prosthetics augmentation, which further helps cure the disease through an experiment in genes. It also helps the end of the current disability with the help of human augmentation and prevents further injuries with the power to process a generous amount of data. The companies involved in the development of technology are neural link, Google, Samsung, Ekso.


We find curiosity to learn things when it comes to technology; exploring new ideas always helps us grow, and we always find new ways to stretch our minds.

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